Death Facts


Alt Name: Transformer

Mayan Name: Cimi

Significance: Understanding

Direction: North

Gem: Carnelian

Color: White

Friend: Death

Foe: Eagle

About the Death Mayan sign

Death (or Transformer or Worldbridger), is the sixth Day Sign. You are open to ideas and willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Practical, generous, and blessed with inner calm, you are a natural mediator and can excel in business. However, it's important that you take time out for yourself or you may become burned out and possibly resentful about your efforts for others. You are sensitive to endings of any kind, and it can be hard for you to accept losses. Use your selfless nature to better your community and in turn build contentment in your private and public life.


Practical, Generous, Helpful.


Oversensitive, Fragile.