Rabbit Facts


Alt Name: Star

Mayan Name: Lamat

Significance: Unity

Direction: South

Gem: Hematite

Color: Yellow

Friend: Water

Foe: Knife

About the Rabbit Mayan sign

You are Rabbit (or Star), the eighth Day Sign of Mayan astrology. You are playful, intelligent, and clever. You are lively both physically and mentally. Life is a game to be played, but you don't like interference unless it comes in the form of attention, admiration, and fun. Your competitive side needs constant stimulation and challenges for you to figure out. You can also be nervous and self-centered because occasionally you are insecure about what you are truly capable of. Be careful to maintain self-control, and use your energy to encourage greater possibilities for yourself and others.


Bright, Playful, Lively.


Competitive, Self-centered.