Water Facts


Alt Name: Offering

Mayan Name: Muluc

Significance: Duality

Direction: East

Gem: Lapis Lazuli

Color: Red

Friend: Dog

Foe: Storm

About the Water Mayan sign

You're the ninth Day Sign, Water (or Offering). You're a natural leader with great emotional intelligence. Your imagination and strong principles are two of your best qualities. You give more than you hope to get in return. Your emotions run deep, though, and you can become obsessive and abuse your position of authority if provoked in a negative way. More often, though, your zest for life and compassion help you achieve amazing goals. Follow your unique visions to make your world a better place - you can probably see ways of doing so better than most.


Imaginative, Scrupulous, Sincere.


Emotional, Peremptory.