Knife Facts


Alt Name: Flint, Mirror

Mayan Name: Etznab

Significance: Stability

Direction: North

Gem: Rhodonite

Color: White

Friend: Storm

Foe: Rabbit

About the Knife Mayan sign

You are the eighteenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology - the Knife (or Flint or Mirror). You reflect on reality, and are very logical, considerate, and selfless. You're also prone to troubles in your relationships because of your need to apply logic to everything. You have a good head on your shoulders and can discern the cold hard facts from dramatized emotions... the issue is how you react to the unpredictable nature of things. You love to work with your hands and also having intimate conversations. You can be a bit of a workaholic when you're really engrossed in a subject. You want to win others over, and this can result in internalizing your feelings. Make sure you express them more often.


Logic, Accomodating, Helpful.


Workaholic, Reserved.