Monkey Facts


Alt Name: None

Mayan Name: Chuen

Significance: Manifestation

Direction: West

Gem: Aventurine

Color: Blue

Friend: Monkey

Foe: Flower

About the Monkey Mayan sign

Monkey, the eleventh Day Sign of Mayan astrology, is a shining star in the arts: drama, art, any performance-based activity. Your need to be social and entertain others - and get accolades for it -can cause some discord in your personal relationships, so balancing your personal interests and time with loved ones is crucial. Keep your witty, intellectual mind active and let your inquisitiveness guide you toward original, useful ideas. You may struggle at keeping focused, and patience is not your strong point. Engage in a few key interests and try to give yourself more time to complete projects, opening your mind to the big picture and not just the details.


Funny, Chatty, Bright.


Superficial, Unfocused.