Flower Facts


Alt Name: Sun

Mayan Name: Ahau

Significance: Flow

Direction: South

Gem: Rose Quartz

Color: Yellow

Friend: Crocodile

Foe: Dog

About the Flower Mayan sign

You are Storm (or Rain), the nineteenth Day Sign of Mayan astrology. You have a soothing, nurturing nature and are believed to have healing powers. You like to be on the go or fully engaged in an activity or you get restless. You likely have a lot of friends and love being in social settings. You also need your "me" time to do as you please. You learn as well as you can teach, and you will never lose your childlike curiosity. You believe in higher powers and are intrigued by religious or spiritual ideology. Neat and orderly, beware of going overboard to keep everything protected, clean, and organized - sometimes you just need to go with the flow.


Affectionate, Loving, Creative.


Idealist, Delicate.