Deer Facts


Alt Name: None

Mayan Name: Manik

Significance: Ascension

Direction: West

Gem: Amazonite

Color: Blue

Friend: Rabbit

Foe: Earth

About the Deer Mayan sign

You are the seventh Day Sign of Mayan astrology, Deer. You like to wander and can be a tad eccentric, although you are innovative, have powerful instincts, and care tremendously about your loved ones. You crave solitude and need to experience all the simple, natural pleasures life has to offer. You are easily hurt by broken promises or undependable people. You do what you deem necessary, and aren't easily swayed by others' opinions. You stake your territory and except that others respect that. Those you let into your private world see your soft side. Your best personal outlet involves artistic pursuits.


Innovative, Aesthetic.


Eccentric, Evasive.