Leo Couples Horoscope

Venus rules over your love life, and she’s retrograde in driven Capricorn as 2022 starts. For you, egocentric Leo, this can mean having to look at your love life’s success rate, and if you’ve been taking more losses than wins lately, it can really sting. Use this reflective period to make shifts in your attitude that will enable you to be more successful in the coming months.

Venus moves on to eventually spend time in your sign for about six weeks starting in mid-August, infusing your love life with genuine warmth and the pursuit of pleasure. You think a lot of yourself now, of course, but why shouldn’t you? You’re charming and self-confident and therefore extremely desirable, which should make your partner feel lucky to be with you, right? Yes, for the most part. But if you let all the attention go to your head, they might start to feel ignored. Be sure to honor the duality of being in a partnership instead of worshipping your individuality now.

The sun enters Scorpio near the end of October, illuminating your fourth house of home life and everything associated with it. It will take some effort, but your relationship can experience serious growth for the next several weeks. Although endings might also be experienced now, they open doors to new beginnings.