Gemini Singles Horoscope

Will you find love or stay single? It’s up you!

Romantic Venus starts the year in freedom-loving Aquarius, which means you’re living the single life and loving it. Are there times when you’d rather have a plus one on your arm? Naturally. But friendly Aquarius’ energy shows you that you aren’t missing much when you choose to fly solo. As soon as Venus enters romantic Pisces mid-January, however, your mood will likely change. The Fish can have a needy influence, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to partner up. You’ll be looking for that ideal mate now, but it can be hard to find someone who matches up to the soul mate you’ve conjured up in your imagination

Commanding Mars enters fiery Aries at the end of June, so you’ll have no problem walking up to a stranger (or your crush) and saying exactly what’s on your mind. Yes, this can lead to rejection—but it can also make something electric happen. This energy is the definition of “you’ll never know until you try.” When Mars is in Aries, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission

Loving Venus spends time in relationship-focused Libra, one of the signs it rules, at the end of October, so the next six weeks are all about love. It’s easy to find harmonious parings now, especially with people who are in love with love like you are. Potential lovers/partners might find you acting sweeter than usual to avoid confrontation, so try not to pull a bait and switch. As the Twins, it’s better to show both sides of yourself now than reveal your duality (i.e. moodiness!) later.