Gemini 2021 Horoscope

There’s for sure plenty to talk about this year, Gemini! 2021 is a highly stimulating year for your creative sign. You are able to feel more aligned with your highest good, and can even make some pretty fantastic new friends along the way. You might actually be the go-to person when things get a little rocky, mainly because you adjust so easily and quickly to things and are able to see the humor in almost any situation.

As the year begins with some confrontational squares between Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, you'll get a beneficial wave of abundance headed your way even through some gritty energy. This is also true in mid-February, May, and late December for you as Saturn's transit through Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, causing some chaotic waves in the world.

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This can be tough on others through much of the year; but because Saturn will be nicely angled towards your airy sign, it will be bringing you many insights and brilliant moments. This can be that time where you find yourself in a very powerful way. Expect the unexpected and be extremely grateful for the gifts you receive, because you deserve them!

One important piece of the 2021 puzzle is to really consider the transition period of your birthday months. You might be a little caught up during this year's Mercury retrograde cycles, which all take place in air signs. One of the most important for you occurs on May 29, following a transformative total lunar eclipse in your opposing sign of Sagittarius. This is a vibe that will definitely have you rethinking a lot of different pieces of the story. And although it can be a highly enlightening time when it comes to all aspects of your life, there is still much work to be done through the summer. Especially because you are also met with an annular solar eclipse on June 10—at the same time Mercury continues a tricky retrograde cycle in your sign until June 22.

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