2020: Year of the Metal Rat

After 365 days under the governorship of the docile earth Pig, you are ready for action, and life comes at you full tilt in the year of the metal Rat. Your heightened ambition and resourcefulness spark you to go after what doesn’t come quickly enough.

A Cancer lunar eclipse on January 10 is an eye-opening moment in the transition zone between the important end of one twelve-year cycle and the beginning of another. The universe inspires you as you rev up for launch, but only if you look and listen. (Keen observation is a good metal thing, so get used to it.) There will be signs that point to what is coming. By the way, cycles don’t move backward. Now more than ever, put the past behind you.

Beginning on January 25, 2020, and extending through February 11, 2021, the metal Rat stimulates confidence and courage for all signs—take note Oxen and Rabbits, for this energy completes you. As content as you may be, if you have felt stuck in a rut, you are ready and pumped for new and exciting things.

That being said, what do you have in mind? Relationship? Money? Career? All of the above? Think about it! The metal element helps you know what you want and figure out how to find shortcuts to get there.

Dragons and Monkeys, BFFs with the Rat, tweak all the good stuff from last year into something golden in 2020. Snakes are rested and relaxed and back to normal speed. Go for it!

The positive Rat lends happiness to productive relationships that allow the people in them to flourish. Goats have to maintain last year’s momentum—a relationship has to develop, not just grow. Dogs are inspired to communicate more even when they don’t feel like it. The sharing of life in a meaningful way is good advice for all signs.

Rats are moneymakers and metal is golden. Signs that tend to focus on cash flow and the pleasures of life are in the zone, albeit an iffy one in 2020. Stay alert because unpredictability will be a given. Rats, while it is your year, caution is advised, especially in the last half. Pigs who built a foundation have to resist the temptation to spend it.

The business-oriented yearly animal and element offer opportunities to progress. This year moves quickly and is unpredictable. It will be a restorative for some and like a handicap race for others. Either way, metal energy helps. In handicap races, the better horses carry heavier weight and they still win races (take note, Horses)! Tigers, crouch and defend your position or perhaps explore a new jungle.

Last is the all-of-the-above category, and at this point the perfect segue is in the balancing of yin and yang. Synchronously, metal has a lot about balance to it. If you slowed down last year, go slowly getting up to speed this year (a heads-up to metal Roosters with a double dose).

The year 2020 is the year of the metal Rat, the governing animal fueled by metal working in unpredictable ways across the Chinese zodiac. Read on to find out how it affects you!