It’s the year of the Rat, and Horses enter a year when the animal isn’t a BFF, as everyone does once every twelve years. However, the element is your saving grace, so think of it as the year of metal! It is your key to success if you use the best of the energy. Let your intelligence and luck take you the rest of the way.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

Yang metal speeds the pace, calling for adjusting more quickly to fit different circumstances. In this light, somewhere between scattered hops and high jumps is an intermediate area from which to start. Call this your focus in 2020. With metal, start with creativity. Create your destiny first, because planning becomes karmic. You’ll discover unexpected opportunities if you set aside March 19, the start of spring, to brainstorm. Think short term and start small and you’ll be on the right track.

Bear in mind that the new twelve-year cycle is a magical turning point for growth and evolution. Little can hold you back, but are there things you want to fix? What is your step one in the repair process? A special note here: Horses naturally get impatient and restless, but you shouldn’t stop before you get to step two, and why would you want to when good luck awaits?

A new cycle (now) also calls for releasing any unnecessary burdens without regret. It’s time for new things. If you absolutely have to carry the baggage forward, look for new approaches. Then you can get positive results.


The year 2020, the year of the metal Rat, has lots of possibilities when it comes to love. Horses, generous by nature, tend to be independent, the antithesis of sharing romantic moments, activities, and even differences of opinion. Is there anything you want to change? It’s said that to alter behavior, change just one or two things and the person changes. It’s encouraging to know. Add to that letting someone important know that you are trying is a powerful way to change the whole relationship dynamic. Pushing others doesn’t work, by the way. The Gemini new moon in May is an opportune time to talk about any issues. The solar eclipse on June 20 is another mutually receptive opportunity.

If you’re an unattached Horse looking for love, it could be a year of trial and error (wait for it!) leading to discovery. The treasure map is one that gives you a better idea of what you’re looking for. The lunar eclipse on January 10, before the Chinese New Year, is designed to enlighten. All you need to do is observe people you are drawn to or who are drawn to you. Explore your thoughts. It’s an “aha” moment as you look forward.

In mid-May, when Venus (metal planet of love) turns retrograde, a reunion and/or a discovery is in store. The Sagittarius lunar eclipse on June 5 stimulates a desire for something long term. Think about it. Are you ready? If the answer is no or maybe, postpone. Is it a good year? Yes, indeed. Everyone needs challenges to awaken the senses.

Family & Friends

With the charming, extroverted Rat governing the year and with energizing metal as the element, happy and friendly gatherings lie ahead. However, like with many people, places, and things this year, the changes are ongoing.

Your closest relationships can bond more closely. They’re fun and you cherish them. What’s not to like? New faces and new places appear and broaden your universe. You’ll find that they make interesting what might have seemed too comfortably settled in the year of the Pig. February and June will be particularly enjoyable.

Social groups are like revolving doors. People may be out of a group one day and back into it the next. This condition could occur with more frequency in the influential circles that the upwardly mobile Rat loves. Not your thing? Not to worry. The RSVPs are your option, of course. If you do say yes, keep it impersonal or your bank account could suffer when it comes time for you to host.

The above may also include career-oriented socializing. The bottom line is in competition of the personal type. Sit back and watch others make mistakes. Sometimes it’s best to not seek attention. The Rooster month of September, the start of a Mars retrograde, heightens the feather ruffling. Give yourself permission to make an appearance, say a pleasant hello, and then gallop away.

December is the cusp of the year of the Ox. The earthy tone mixed with your natural element of fire advises “Whoa!” Use subtle observation plus a contemplative mind to gain insight. What develops goes on into 2021.


The year of the Rat is a time to get back in touch, but in a different light. The pace isn’t slow. This is what you resonate with and can use to your advantage. You have quicker responses compared to everyone else, but you can’t respond in the same way every time. Pause and get a good look at a situation (sans blinders). Major issues in the high-tech 2020 world need state-of-the-art fixes. You can’t get up to speed too soon this year.

Expect competitors, some overt. Passive people have the momentum to be more assertive, and some of the more assertive could become downright obnoxious. Be the shining light in the middle. Don’t let your competition distract you. Again, back to the blinkers, they’re designed to block out distractions that make horses lose focus. In this case, old-fashioned applications are good things.

In the event that the workplace ambience gets so toxic that you end up bringing everything home with you (which isn’t good for relationships), is it time to run to greener pastures? Brainstorm ideas. Be very aware of the timing. February 2020 is early in the Chinese New Year, but it’s a positive time for you. April and July are in the win column, too. October is outstanding. It’s when you can get things more quickly, but this carries the caveat that you’d better want them or you’re simply trading apples for apples and you’ll be stuck taking the old fruit into 2021.


Metal (gold, silver, platinum) and the resourceful Rat scream “money” in 2020! Yes, and you can also gain financially. The how isn’t by raking it in by tying yourself to metal Rat risk-takers. It’s in your own spirit of enterprise and your natural touch when it comes to money management. Horses at their best are enterprising, when using energy to observe and then harness skills to manage what surfaces temporarily. The accent this year is “short term.”

October, with the mid-month Libra new moon and the October Taurus full (Snake) moon echo being careful. Slow down and temper your impulses. This is an important point. You need to stop and focus your energies in the right direction for your well-being. Carry that over to November, and if you forget, the Sagittarius eclipse will remind you.

The basic financial message in 2020 is to beware of charging ahead, especially when things don’t go as planned. Heed a warning symbolic of the metal Rat: The reckless Rat throws good money after bad (especially in the second half of any year). Others’ anxiety can also cause chain reactions that could affect your money. Heads up!

Granted, who wants to fiddle with budgets when one can roam and play in lovely, sunny fields? But if you feel stressed about finances at any time this year, that’s nature’s way of saying something is out of balance. Success lies in regrouping before the stresses multiply.