If you resonated with the 2019 year of the earth Pig, maintain the habits and the harmony. That year’s element of earth provided instructions in endurance. Use them now. That’s the good news. Now for the better news: The metal element resonates with your own natural element of metal! You couldn’t ask for a more perfect energy to begin a new twelve-year cycle. Your challenge will be to master a double-metal balancing act between going far and going too far, too fast. With so much going for you, you need to play it just right.

Year of the Ox is here! Find out what’s in store for you!

When Monkeys and Rats merge, it spells inventiveness-plus. If a Monkey and a Rat dream it up, they make something golden out of it. Expect life to be creatively stimulating in all areas in 2020. Don’t be surprised if you head in new directions (note the plural, dear Monkey). It’s just lucky that you have a habit of working hard. Metal adds energy, so you have that going for you, too.

“Learning increases with use,” as the proverb goes, and it’s also fun. You’ll diversify and thrive as you add to your many talents. There will be new people to meet when others move onward and upward, as you are. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse pattern accentuates all of this by waving goodbye to old traditions and ideas and embracing new ones. Don’t you love it!


Metal, in the form of an implement, hones hearts and minds to one purpose: making relationships more balanced and gratifying for all. Added to your natural element of metal, it is doubly positive for you and your significant others.

The year of the metal Rat inspires more consistency. Monkeys, the ones to have on speed dial when there’s a problem, tend to escape if fun calls them elsewhere. Monkeys are where the action is. Could you be more dependable? Why, yes, you can and will be. A start toward achieving more equilibrium is about discovering how enjoyable being with loved ones is (once everyone works together to get routine chores out of the way).

This year begins a new twelve-year cycle. Start by also sharing your hopes and ideals, as in relating and responding in different ways.

Love is in the air for the unattached Monkey, and things look nothing short of joyous and serendipitous. Perhaps there is a chance meeting that transforms two lives. Yes, it’s metal magic! You do have to slow down a bit for spontaneous meetings to occur. Lower the speed and take the time to get to know someone better and let them get to know you.

Venus, the metal star of love, enhances the potential for a reunion while retrograde between mid-May and late June. This is also serendipitous in case you felt that you lost an opportunity once upon a time. Anticipate changes. You can’t pick up where you left off, because of personal evolution and experiences. It’s an adventure. Take your time.

Family & Friends

The metal Rat is a social animal, living large and enjoying life to the hilt. While Rats tend to like things posh, Monkeys like things more diversified, spontaneous, and exciting opulence isn’t necessarily a prerequisite. Monkeys are popular and frequent guests at any occasion, and no one wants to miss a party you host, so expect to be busy!

Monkeys also enjoy more intimate get-togethers with close family and friends. Don’t be surprised if new faces appear that expand your circle. People will change personally, even those you know very, very well, as relationships enter a new cycle. You will find you’ve grown, too, as you begin to experience seeing people from a different perspective.

The Monkey’s intellect is legendary, and your unlimited curiosity makes learning fun for you. Have you thought about teaching others some of your skills? You could combine the two skills as you quickly pick up new knowledge and turn around and teach it to others while your excitement is keen. Volunteer this year!

Mixing business and pleasure wouldn’t be classified as “no-strings” socializing in 2020. There are advantages in connecting, but there’s a cost and it’s competitive. More than once you’ll find your natural ability to get out of tricky situations to be one of the most useful in your treasure trove of talents. Authority figures are always around, sitting on the sidelines with their scorecards and keeping track of the naughty and nice. Be the latter, not the former, especially between February and March.


The key to a Monkey’s success in 2020 is observation. This isn’t to say you aren’t always aware, but perhaps it’s usually in a speedier way that isn’t as advantageous as it could be. While under the influence of a double-metal year, slow down, examine, and analyze. Only in this light can you ascertain how something as useless as a snippet of gossip can be useful.

Competition is uber-fierce this year. Stay cool, confident, and focused. Don’t get distracted, especially by what is perpetrated by your competitors There is a bonus with the cycles, for example, the rare conjunctions involving Jupiter and Saturn (known as game changers living by the metal sword, so to speak) that symbolize karma and luck. Some get what they deserve. Be professional at work and gloat at home, especially when your good karma rewards you.

Your resourcefulness pays off all year long. It keeps you in high esteem in your current workplace, and if things get hairy, it’s your go-to for escape. Ideas abound. Again, competition does, too. Hold your plans close to your vest.

Halfway through the year, around the time of the Sagittarius lunar eclipse, a window opens and gives you a look at the future, in light of the above. Heads up, Sherlock! See where and how you can position yourself. This eclipse added to the solar eclipse on December 14, starts you on your way toward 2021, the year of the metal Ox. You are in a transitional phase, so start to think about what you want to carry over to the next year.


While metal Rats will take risk-taking to dangerous levels, metal tempers the Monkey who developed more respect for money in the previous two earth years. It’s that respect that keeps you from taking uncalculated chances. Like last year and into this one, you get kudos for practicality and staying on the safe side of excessive.

You will make money, and obtaining even more is in store if you use your razor-sharpness to keep an eye on your finances. Caution is advised, for example, when it comes to scam artists. The good news is that you’re a keen reader of character, if you don’t let the excitement over the big win get out of control. Temper! If you get a hunch involving the words, “Wow, what a scheme! Wish I’d thought of it,” run as quickly as you can while holding tightly to your money and you’ll do just fine.

While you can keep your cool, others with whom you share resources could lose theirs, doubling down on an already losing proposition. This is called “throwing good money after bad,” with some of that cash perhaps being yours. Watch carefully through the year, and triple the scrutiny starting in the second half of the year.

The Sagittarius solar eclipse in December is a chance to seize opportunities, with the potential that things are on an upswing. Take the initiative and act with the idea that you’re setting your sights on 2021. The year won’t be as easy as 2020, but you have the assurance that you can begin it with a solid foundation.