Scorpio Singles Horoscope

Scorpio, 2018 is your year to enjoy the thrill of the romantic chase and find exactly the love you want. As the sun enters Scorpio, it is in an applying conjunction with sweet, sensational Venus. This showers you with perhaps more charm than you want all year long.

At the same time, Mars is in cool, calculating, but still sociable Aquarius. You know what sort of love turns you on, and you won't be tempted by anything else. Good for you.

Also, Mercury is approaching a conjunction with generous, gracious Jupiter. Cleverness and fun will draw people your way throughout the year.

The Mars retrograde from late June until late August may seem to lessen passions. Actually, your taste in romance is simply being more sensible and less wild. These are all good things.

Likewise, the Venus retrograde of October and half of November might downshift your social life, but you may be ready for a slower pace. Find someone much more suitable after Venus turns direct again, in Libra.