Gemini Singles Horoscope

Mix and meet a zillion love prospects in 2018! Visit out of the way places in January and meet some high-octane flirters.

In April and May, get back to nature and discover a practical, appreciative admirer who shares your values.

In July, the Jupiter retrograde ends and a greater desire to be among people returns. In late August, the Mars retrograde concludes and passions return greater than before. Don't get too carried away too quickly.

The Venus retrograde of October and November could dampen enthusiasm for romance, but more likely it will simply hit the pause button on a relationship that deserves reevaluation. It won't shut down love, and more discriminating thought in a relationship is rarely a bad thing. If thinking of making a formal commitment, maybe wait until the second half of November.

In December, if you haven't met someone yet, you could score big and connect with someone more than willing to make sacrifices just to be with you.