Gemini Money & Career Horoscope

Work and career matters may be on your mind throughout 2018. This isn't out of worry or insecurity. Rather, you may have countless great ideas and be networking with many more professional people.

A career position or financial standing could change in January or early February. Perhaps you've been developing just such a move and now here it is. Regardless, you have the energy and self-motivation for a big push forward. Be smart and don't be shy.

May and June are also times of great opportunity. Perhaps start your own business or get your commerical website up and running.

Once the Jupiter retrograde ends in early July, you may have more and bigger plans. Saturn is still retrograde, which can discourage overspending or financial overcommitments. Saturn goes direct in early September, and you'll be wiser if not more fiscally cautious.

A small apparent setback in December could be exactly the modest sacrifice needed to propel you into a sustainably profitable coming year!

Personalized Career Horoscope

Personalized Career Horoscope

This career report takes a deep dive into your talents, ambitions, and motivations based on your Birth Chart!