Capricorn Singles Horoscope

The first three months could be busy social times with many new faces. Casual connections may work best for you now. Romantic dreams may be big, but don't expect a lot of stability until after the Mercury retrograde in April comes to an end.

In August, someone may step up and want to take care of you. Consider this a karmic opportunity and challenge. Mars is retrograde now, so passions are not out of control. Mercury is also retrograde, dampening critical thinking. The lunar North Node and the asteroid Ceres also are pitching in to swing this door open for you. You may decide against this, but it won't be ignored.

Venus is retrograde from early October until the middle of November. Take a step back and get a fresh perspective on a relationship that has potential. Make no profound commitments until Venus turns direct, however.

Sincerity matters more than sass in November. Quick wit matters in December. Plenty of suitable companions are out there. Enjoy!