Nov 25, 2020 - Do you have big plans for today? You might be tempted to scrap them and do your own thing under the spontaneous Aries moon. If you have work commitments, playing hooky isn’t the most responsible or prudent thing to do, but fiery Aries lunar energy causes you to want to act in the moment—consequences be damned! Here’s the thing, though: If you have things on your schedule that require you to be a responsible adult, it’s really in your best interest to get those things done before you take off on a whim.

On a positive note, the Ram’s directness can be refreshing, so if you’ve been holding back how you truly feel about a person or situation, you can finally get it all out. This lunation won’t find you at your most tactful, but sometimes getting your point across is more important than spoon feeding it to people. After all is said and done, you’ll probably be forgiven for acting harshly or irrationally now anyway.

There’s a moon-Mars (Aries’ ruler) conjunction late in the afternoon that will have you feeling strong and brave. You’re in the mood to defend the people you love—including yourself. If anyone comes at you with attitude, you’ll have the urge to dish it out in return.

If you’re able to be with a lover, this can be a very enjoyable evening. The night is meant for romance, and you have all the confidence in the world. If you’re just hanging around with family or roommates, be careful of your fierce competitive spirit. It’s all fun and games until you flip the Monopoly board over or throw the dice in frustration. Try to channel your aggression into more productive activities if possible.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

Struggling to move on? Get instant answers with a Tarot Reading.

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