September 2020 - While September has many blessed alignments of the planets, we will collectively enter the next great storm. When we turn back to remember the beginning of this decade, we’ll reminisce about how the universe pushed us two steps forward but then would force us to take another step back. In many ways, this is because the cosmos is showing us that the future we want to create can truly manifest before us, but we are either overlooking important information or forgetting something valuable from our past. Only by facing the truth and being strategic can we find fulfillment. The coming months will have obstacles and frustrations, so to navigate this, learn to slow down and understand that growth doesn’t happen overnight, just as success, healing, and love take time as well.

A mighty full moon in Pisces (10 degrees) arrives at the onset of the month, on September 1. Full moons bring culminations, endings, and significant news and tend to be emotional. Pisces—the final water sign—is the most spiritual, mystical, and sensitive of all, and in the days surrounding this full moon, we will find that our awareness is heightened. Intuition and imagination will infuse the human collective, and we will all be more connected through the realm of dreams and the unconscious. Pay attention to the messages the universe whispers at this time. Pisces is also a zodiac sign that holds ties to healing, bringing us a global opportunity to face the past six months and steer toward a better course of action. Emotions will ebb and flow now, so move with the currents of the ether.

Mercury, feisty planet of the mind, is in Libra from the fifth to the twenty-seventh. Relationship matters will be on our minds during this time. Find ways to communicate effectively in order to improve your harmony personally or professionally.

Venus, goddess of beauty and romance, spins an enchanting spell in Leo from September 6 onward. Pleasure, intimacy, and creativity will be passionate, loud, and vivacious. Live a love story that is unforgettable.

On the ninth, Mars stations retrograde in Aries (28 degrees). However, we have felt its diminishing strength for many weeks already. For months ahead—until mid-November—the mighty warrior planet will have its energy taken away as it retraces its steps in the sky. We, too, will feel as if we are facing karmic lessons regarding our personal goals, plans, and desires. Now is not the time to initiate new projects or relationships but to instead become clearer on the importance of past ones. This won’t be a time when conflict in any way is favored, and we will be encouraged to work as a team to solve problems. Yet, with the retrograde taking place in Aries, this may be especially difficult as we face obstacles, disagreements, stagnation, and lower levels of energy.

A new moon in Virgo (25 degrees) arrives on September 17. This blessed lunation opens a door to finding solutions to everyday problems, including those related to health. The pace of life quickens now, and we can become more efficient with our time both personally and professionally. When the sun moves into Libra on the twenty-second, personal relations become more important collectively, as does finding pleasure in our day-to-day lives.

A last pivotal turning point to note in this month is the wakening of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Capricorn. Jupiter, as the giver of luck and fortune, has spent many months asleep teaching us to make space for new blessings coming our way. The great benefic’s retrograde ends on September 12 (17 degrees). Saturn, as the giver of life lessons, has been forcing us to internally streamline our lives in order to establish better structures for the rest of the year. The twenty-eighth marks Saturn’s resurrection (25 degrees). While Mars retrograde will slow the pace of your life, watch as the other planets continue to bring new opportunities your way.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

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