August 2020 - Welcome to August, a month that energizes us to take charge of our path and express ourselves more passionately.

In recent months, we have had a great deal of retrograde energy calling us to reunite with the past or reflect upon it. Retrogrades give us a rare opportunity to slow down and review our progress in order to better chart our course of action forward. With both Mercury and Venus back to normal speed, watch as your personal life has more clarity. While we still have many outer planets in retrograde—Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto—these transits will not slow down day-to-day affairs quite as noticeably.

Also, the electric intensity of eclipse season begins to fade the further we move into August. Eclipse season always marks a significant turning point in life, and by now we’ll see how it is more fully playing out. And as we begin August, the mighty warrior planet Mars will be especially strong in its home sign of Aries. This empowers independence, confidence, and hunger to pursue desires immediately rather than wait any longer.

A full moon in Aquarius (eleven degrees) takes place on August 3. This mighty lunation activates this zodiac sign’s energy within the cosmos, as well as where it occurs in one’s individual chart. Aquarius will receive a great deal of attention in the coming years when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto move here. Later in the year, the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will also occur in Aquarius, setting off a new trend that amplifies this energy worldwide. As a zodiac sign, Aquarius emphasizes one’s community and social life. Also, it inherently holds ties to the future, invention, and intellectual genius.

Mercury moves into Leo in the first week of the month, on the fourth. Here, it joins the sun and brings more fiery and creative energy into our awareness. This time of the year often highlights celebration, creativity, romance, and recreation, so there is no doubt we will find these to be prominent themes now.

Venus enters Cancer on August 7 after spending months in the sign of Gemini. Here in the sign of the Crab, Venus allows us to feel more sensual and in touch with our emotional needs.

Uranus, currently in Taurus, turns backward on the fifteenth. This will cause us to review our values, morals, and worth over the months ahead. Consider how you can monetize in unique ways that you may not have done before. When Uranus returns to direct motion, you can fully institute these plans and hopefully generate further prosperity.

The new moon on August 18 occurs in Leo (twenty-six degrees), further encouraging us each to create our life rather than sit back and watch it happen.

Last to note in August occurs when the majestic sun leaves the fiery kingdom of Leo to bring our attention to Virgo for the month ahead. Here, the sun harnesses its passion and power to create effective and practical results in our life. Hard work, health, and service become important now. Above all, consider what you wish to grow in your life, as if you were building a garden. Now is the time to use consistent effort and maintenance to help it mature so that you can reap your greatest harvest yet later in the year.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction today.

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