August 2019 - Welcome to August! We’re past eclipse season, which saw us diving into the wreckage. But August promises to be an exciting month of discovering recently unveiled treasures.

Mercury is direct in Cancer as we enter August, bringing clarity to situations that began to unfold in late June. But Mercury enters Leo on August 11 and Virgo on August 29, suggesting we’re covering ground rapidly. You can expect life to be busy!

The eclipses have no doubt wiped the slate clean in an area of your life. But as the sun and Venus connect with Jupiter on the seventh and eighth, we’re learning there is plenty of hope left in a situation. It’s a matter of finding the right perspective.

On August 11, Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and expansion, stations direct, awakener Uranus stations retrograde, and Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, enters Leo. There’s a sense of boundaries opening and of suddenly seeing the light and the wide-open road ahead.

The fourteenth brings a heartwarming connection between the sun and Venus, inviting us to bask in its light and warmth. This is bold, creative, passionate, and compassionate energy. Dare to be vulnerable.

August 15 bring the full moon in Aquarius fanning the flames of passion. Still, it would help to remain detached and take a dispassionate approach. In the words of John Steinbeck, “Nothing good gets away.”

Mars, Venus, and the sun move on from Leo to Virgo on the seventeenth, twenty-first, and twenty-third, respectively, and the energy shifts to an earthier, more pragmatic tone.

As Venus and Mars meet for a lovers’ kiss on August 24, we’re coming full circle from their last conjunction in 2017. Look back to see how far you’ve come and how you’ve grown.

In relationships, it’s the little things that count right now. Thoughtfulness and little things like helping with chores will go further than dramatic gestures.

Learn your lessons, avoid being critical, and realize no one or nothing is perfect. But you will always meet people who mirror you at your stage of evolution. At best, we can learn and grow in self-awareness, consciousness, and maturity.

There’s room for everyone to grow here, and partnerships forming now could grow to give back to you daily and provide a real service in the world.

As the month ends, we’re at the end and beginning of a cycle with the Virgo new moon on August 30. Leading to the new moon, move inward to uproot and weed out what you’ve outgrown and what isn’t supportive of your life goals and well-being. This is the chance to start a new life and start over so your life works for you as much as you work for it.

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