October 2020 - As the planets continue to clash in our 2020 storybook, know that the challenges they bring are ultimately here to help us grow. The universe never gives us more than we can handle. As wise people often say: “Steel is forged by fire,” and this rings true across the world.

As we begin October, some planets are waking up—Jupiter, Saturn, and soon Pluto, all in Capricorn. Some planets are slowing down, such as Mercury, now in Scorpio. Other planets have surrendered to the karmic call of the past, particularly Mars.

Mars in Aries has had his strength stripped from him and rages furiously, clashing with the other planets, gasping for freedom. We, too, embody this at this time. As all retrogrades teach us important lessons, this particular Mars retrograde is here to force us to face our personal hopes, goals, and passions and review how deeply we want them. Only by slowing down and living in a place of gratitude can we appreciate our blessings going forward.

October begins with a fiery full moon in Aries (nine degrees). This full moon packs a punch because it is ruled by Mars as well. During this time, we feel more energized and aggressive—ready to fight what stands between us and our desires. Aries, as the leader of the zodiac, is an impulsive and bold sign. To harness this energy effectively, be conscious about your motivations. While you may feel ready to chase after what you hunger for, now is a time to think before you act. Choose to come from a place of peace rather than aggression. Because of Mars retrograde, any attacks or projects launched now will ultimately fail.

Venus, our goddess planet of pleasure and beauty, dances into the hearth of Virgo on the second. We feel the urge to be caretakers of those we value. Love during this transit is much more practical and direct. While this may not be one of the most romantic times of the year, we can harness this sweet vibration by being of service to others. This will balance the offensive and me-focused energy of the frustrated Mars quite well. The sun, too, as it roars through Libra throughout much of the month highlights our relationships and how we must cooperate with others in order to find lasting results.

October 13 will be a turning point in October, as Mercury, our cosmic messenger, freezes in the night’s sky. Beginning his retrograde in Scorpio, the themes of intimacy, sharing, and vulnerability will need to be addressed in our lives. While Mercury backspins into Libra on the twenty-seventh, expect that the watery depths of Scorpio season will still cloud your mind with emotions.

The new moon in Libra opens doors to the world on the sixteenth (twenty-three degrees). Libra—the zodiac sign that rules marriage, duality, and justice—forces us to look outside of our perspective to hopefully find union rather than separation during this intense time. As the sun moves into Scorpio on October 22, partnerships will remain prominent, especially what we give and receive in our lives. If you feel your relationships are not balanced, you will certainly review this in the weeks ahead.

To end October, a full moon in Taurus stampedes into our awareness and rocks the night on Halloween (eight degrees). During this action-packed month, this mighty lunation arrives opposite Uranus, showing that one area of your life may receive shocking news. Taurus, as a zodiac sign, rules prosperity. Because of the current planetary configuration, global economies and stock markets may see sudden changes. While much of the planetary weather is causing confusion and anxiety on a worldwide scale, we must pay attention to the lessons it is teaching us. We will make it through this. If we work together, we can build a stronger path into the future.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

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