July 2021 - At the onset of July, the mighty sun continues to sizzle within the seas of Cancer. During this time of the year, we’re drawn to assess our emotional stability as well as the security upon which we stand.

The new moon in Cancer arrives on July 9, giving us an opportunity to not only improve our sense of purpose but also get in touch with our roots. Cancer is a zodiac sign that holds deep ties to the past, family affairs, and domesticity, and as the moon loves to be in her home zodiac sign, this particular lunation should provide a breath of fresh air to all of these specific areas. Utilize this time to fix up your space, look for a better one, or reach out to reconnect with your kin. With Mercury direct, you can sign any necessary agreements or make purchases without any hiccups.

Hedonistic Venus continues to roam the castles of Leo until the twenty-first, making our relationships feel hot and passionate. Love can be especially grand and theatrical now. This is a particularly magnificent period for singles—no matter their sign—to be on the lookout for new prospective suitors.

This energy is intensified by the transit of sexy Mars, also parading around the Leo throne all month, until July 29. No matter your relationship status, use the energy of cosmic lovers Venus and Mars to spice up your personal life. Recreation and festive celebrations will likely line our calendars. Creativity, fertility, and expression are all heightened during these periods too, so let the fire burst from your soul. Beginning on the twenty-second, the sun also roars into Leo for the month ahead. Truly, we will feel the urge to embrace the summer heat!

The first of two back-to-back full moons in Aquarius arrives on July 23. The second will follow next month on August 22. In a way, these two lunations deliver twice the news, showing that what appears now will have a second act to come later. However, this first one is especially problematic, because power plays and obstacles are sure to appear since it’s under siege from Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. Be not afraid, though, because the full moon next month will be much sweeter. Full moons in Aquarius bring great attention to our communities and how we work toward the future.

Benevolent Jupiter continues to drift backward among the waves in the tropical seas of Pisces until the twenty-eighth, helping us to get in touch with our spiritual and creative sides. Karmic situations from the past may return to us this month to help us finally receive closure and healing and let go. After that date, our great benefic once again returns to Aquarius for the rest of the year. Similar themes that had arrived from January to May will rise into our awareness.

Last to note is the fiery shift of Mars from Leo to Virgo on July 29. The upcoming weeks could see our schedules and routines become especially busy because we’ll be eager to be more productive. Utilize this period to assess your work/life balance and make sure you’re building your physical fitness.

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