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April 2018 - Impatience could be an issue this month, and you might feel as though you’re standing at an endless red light. You want things done quickly, but with trickster Mercury still retrograde on April 1, communication is complicated, and you’re forced to slow down. Add to that conundrum a Mars-Saturn conjunction on the second with its own brand of irritating occurrences. It adds up to two days in which to be mindful. Rushing will only accentuate what could seem like interminable delays.

The good news is that Mercury turns direct on April 15, and suddenly a dilemma that seemed to have no solution quietly resolves itself. Perhaps the new moon in Aries on that very same day is the green light you’ve been waiting for.

Mindfulness should also be the tool of choice on April 17 when taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn turns retrograde, and then again on April 22 when Pluto in Capricorn does the same. A retrograde is the time for diligence. It’s an opportunity to go back and renegotiate or reorganize a commitment that has become a source of frustration. It’s also the time to say no and back out of a poorly planned project. A full moon in powerful Scorpio on April 29 offers a firm nudge if you find yourself faltering. The diligence applied this month can move your work up a level of excellence, and the altered pace allows you to finally have time to smell the roses.

When will it happen? Find out with a Live Tarot Reading

When will it happen? Find out with a Live Tarot Reading


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We live, not as we wish to, but as we can." - Mencius

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The angel between heaven and earth blending different elements into a harmonious substance represents a bridge between polarities, like heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, beginning and end....


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"We live, not as we wish to, but as we can." - Mencius

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