April 2019 - A new moon in Aries on April 5 officially kicks off the new astrological year. What is initiated now has every chance of coming to fruition, so sow any seeds wisely.

Mercury is newly direct in Pisces. You’ve been navigating a slippery situation, but as the month progresses, the truth is finally sinking in, bringing you necessary clarity.

Mars (ruler of Aries) is in Gemini (Mercury’s sign), a reminder that words can hurt or heal. Avoid picking at scabs, projecting, blaming, or making assumptions. With clear, honest communication, you can cut through confusion and clear up a situation or misunderstanding.

On the tenth, Jupiter stations retrograde in Sagittarius (amid other major aspects) and remains so until August 11. It’s taking you on an inward and retrospective journey and asking for a step back to look at the big picture. You have freedom, and you’re discovering previously overlooked or missed opportunities. This is a period of regaining perspective, realigning with your inner compass and vision, and making course corrections if necessary.

On April 19, the second Libra full moon of the year brings us full circle from events of a month ago and offers a chance to make different choices and restore equilibrium.

The intensity continues through the end of the month as the sun enters Taurus on the twentieth and conjoins Uranus on the twenty-second, Pluto turns retrograde on the twenty-fourth, followed by Saturn’s retrograde on the twenty-ninth.

Doors are opening and closing. Unexpected developments shake up the natural order, asking for a restructuring and inner strengthening of foundations. Take any setbacks in stride. They’re likely to prove fortuitous in time. Anything that falls away is clearing the way for what supports your life and goals.

Discover what's in the cards for you with a Free Tarot Reading. Call 1-800-856-7906

Discover what's in the cards for you with a Free Tarot Reading. Call 1-800-856-7906

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