Know what to expect with your 2017 forecast, Taurus...

Know what to expect with your 2017 forecast, Taurus...

If you’re like me, you’re eager to know how 2017 will be. Here are our must-know themes, but be sure to read your whole forecast, too - I put the link below!

• Your health and happiness should be your top priority. If you feel good, other things will turn out good.
• You’re going to have to make at least one change that impacts your daily life – making this change will improve things in the long run, although the adjustment period might be hard.
• If you’re coupled up, by working as more of a team (versus you having your way all the time) you can reach a new milestone or at least bond more closely together.
• Single Bulls are impatient about finding someone special... where are they?! Trust your gut when you meet new prospects, because your judgment is solid. Don’t let someone charm you when you know deep down what you want and need in a partner.
• It’s time to get serious about work matters if you aren’t already. You can't keep flitting from job to job or changing your mind about your career goals. Decide and proceed and see good results by the end of the year.

Read the whole forecast here.

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