Ways to get unstuck and move your life forward...

Ways to get unstuck and move your life forward...

There’s nothing more frustrating than when life seems stuck on pause. Every day seems the same, and you feel robotic, going through the motions. Maybe it’s not life in general, but it happens to everyone in at least one area at a time... a relationship gets boring, your job is totally tedious, you can’t pay down debts. So, next time life feels stuck, try these:

- Learn something new. Take a class, attend a workshop or talk, read a book.
- Take new routes to familiar places, even if a bit out of the way.
- Mix up your wardrobe, even if that’s just wearing individual pieces in different combinations.
- Change your hair or makeup.
- Try some new food. Cook new recipes or eat at new restaurants.
- Hang out with new people. They can change your perspective entirely.

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