These are the signs you can't trust, Scorpio

These are the signs you can't trust, Scorpio

Love is a sensitive subject for Scorpios. As partners who invest themselves fully in relationships, we can be very careful about who we get involved with. I pay a lot of attention to what the stars say and I also have my own experience in the love realm.

As a hot blooded Scorpio, I avoid getting involved with:

Geminis: If you want to get cheated on, a Gemini can get that job done more than any other sign. I have had problems with people from this sign and I would not want to find out what would happen if we were to be romantically involved.

Aquarius: They can be intellectually hot but they don't understand feelings the way we do. A sign known for having serious commitment issues, they are too detached for us. If you meet an Aquarian and like them, I suggest you keep them as friends.

Aries: I have never dated an Aries, for a reason! A relationship between us and some of the worst players of the Zodiac can't really go very far. If it's a relationship where no feelings are involved, for example, a professional one, things could work out.

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