Acting nutso, Aries? Blame the Moon!

Acting nutso, Aries? Blame the Moon!

The Moon rules a lot of things in this world, including our emotions and therefore, our actions as well. When the Moon is in…

Aries: You have extreme mood swings, feeling very happy one moment and very upset the next.
Taurus: You get greedy, to the point of stealing the lollipop from a kid, if that’s what you’re craving.
Gemini: You become a flirty heartthrob, making the babes fall in love with every word you say.
Cancer: You want to host a dinner party, and maybe even turn it into a late-night dance party!
Leo: You love any excuse you find to dress up and feel adored by your fans.
Virgo: You obsess about some dumb detail and not being able to figure it out is driving you crazy!
Libra: You know that charming the hell out of your opponent is the best way to win.
Scorpio: Did you make out with not only one but two hotties last night? Yes, and it was awesome!
Sagittarius: What? It went further than just making out? Ooops!
Capricorn: Your work ethic is rock-solid and holds the highest standards.
Aquarius: You know that the best way to beat an opponent is getting in their head.
Pisces: You might have your craziest dream, and then… it becomes a reality.

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