5 reasons to get up and dance - you are a Leo!

5 reasons to get up and dance - you are a Leo!

Marvelously affectionate and cheerful, a Leo is very hard to miss and also impossible to resist. We live life to the fullest and have a radiating magnetism about us that we must never forget.

Whenever self-doubt inundates you, never forget that as Leos…

1. Our ambition is unmatched - As a Fire Sign, we are defined by our goals and go for the with gusto!
2. We forgive and forget - We don’t allow other people to have control over us and we never hold grudges.
3. We create - If we don’t find excitement in every single aspect of our lives, we find a way to make it happen.
4. We are the best friend anyone could have. People love our generosity, kindness and downheartedness.
5. We were born to SHINE!

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