Feel awesome, Aquarius, with these reminders...

Feel awesome, Aquarius, with these reminders...

You know you are one of a kind, but do you sometimes feel uncomfortable about not fitting in? Well, I am writing this to remind you why you should never feel ashamed of yourself. You should feel very proud of all you are. Here are just four things to keep tucked in your mind at all times...

1. Every sign has a generous, helpful side, but your humanity extends far beyond the occasional kind gesture. You truly want to save the world, for no reason other than to make it a better place for all.
2. You aren’t just good in bed, you are a master at foreplay, and your creativity keeps your lover hot for you for years past when most start seeking a new partner. You keep ‘em around... and if they leave, it can’t possibly be for your lack of attention and passion.
3. Your choosiness with your inner circle should make you feel secure and supported, because you are surrounded by the cream of the crop. Quality over quantity, always.
4. If you suffer a disappointment or hardship or rejection, have faith. Your innovative mind will get you out of any slump so you are on the path to success again, just in the nick of time.

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