Who you are according to your Chinese sign...

Who you are according to your Chinese sign...

According to Chinese astrology, there are 12 kinds of Pisces. Find out about your type…

- Pisces Rat: You are fun and trendy.
- Pisces Ox: You are strong and grounded.
- Pisces Tiger: You are a creative visionary.
- Pisces Rabbit: You are popular and graceful.
- Pisces Dragon: You are powerful and charismatic.
- Pisces Snake: You are brilliant!
- Pisces Horse: You are a person of many talents.
- Pisces Goat: You are an artist.
- Pisces Monkey: You are generous.
- Pisces Rooster: You are outspoken and honest.
- Pisces Dog: You are extremely loyal.
- Pisces Pig: You are ambitious and courageous.

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