The one thing a Taurus will never do is...

The one thing a Taurus will never do is...

You can call Taurus lots of things, but you can never call us quitters! Of all the signs, Taurus is the most loyal, steady sign. From work to relationships to personal goals, we stick with it until the end.

Bulls tend to keep going for as long as they can to do the job, and well. From a project that seems to have no end to a job with high turnover to putting up with difficult personalities, Bulls know how to make it work. We are so patient, self-assured, and determined, that only nightmare circumstances would derail our attempts to succeed.

In fact, when we do quit, it is because it’s a no-win situation and we are succeeding by learning when to draw the line! We all have our limits, but for Bulls, it’s the sky and beyond!

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