Healing mantras to restore Pisces' soul…

Healing mantras to restore Pisces' soul…

Looking for new mantras to write on your refrigerator? I know I need some, soon! Pisces is one of the healers of the Zodiac. Whenever we feel down or out of touch with ourselves, it takes us no time to get back in the game!

Repeating, reading or thinking the following can and will help:

I believe is Pisces' key mantra.
I am present works whenever we are trying to avoid a certain situation. Which happens…. a lot!
I am sensitive (and that's totally OK).
I heal myself and others.
I will face a certain person or situation.
I am psychic. As Fish, we see right through people, they are like crystal clear water for us.
I am gentle helps if you realize you're beginning to act in a passive-aggressive manner. (Admit it, you do sometimes).
• Is Neptune's fog drifting your mind away? Repeating: I reflect will bring you back to earth. Well, at least for a little bit.

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