Aquarians naturally have this special psychic skill...

Aquarians naturally have this special psychic skill...

Everyone know Aquarius is the most unique, innovative, creative sign. But few know just how far those attributes reach. They actually go beyond reality. Aquarians are clairvoyant!

Clairvoyance means you can see beyond normal perception/human senses. You just know things without the ability to describe why, because there's no practical explanation. So, why aren't all Aquarians cashing in on this gift? Because you need to practice your craft to bring it to full power.

There are a few things you can do to become more clairvoyant. First, when you get intuitive flashes or weird, abstract ideas, pay more attention. Write them down somewhere and treat them as psychic flashes, not just random thoughts. Express them or act on them. Learn what ends up leading to something and what are just little blips on your radar. You have a special gift, Aquarius! Use it to further career, love, and more!

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