How Libras can make the most of their popularity...

How Libras can make the most of their popularity...

Gracious and refined, you were born to interact with the public, always know the right thing to say, when to say it and know how to make others feel comfortable - none of them insignificant gifts!

While it's true that you do best in home and work environments that are calm, supportive, and congenial (so perhaps not the DMV?), you can reach your highest potential in a job with a social component.

There are plenty of other options that would feed your need to schmooze. Sociable and companionable, the world is your oyster! Ruled by beauty-loving Venus, a position in the art, beauty or design industry is perfect for you.

Whether you design bouquets, sell beach-front properties, work for your local ballet or opera, host elegant parties, or style hair, you're happiest when you have the chance to interact with your adoring public!

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