Top 10 Careers for Capricorn


On October 28, 2014

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Top 10 Careers for Capricorn

Capricorns are well suited to any career in which organizational skill, patience, and consistency are important.

The grounded Sea Goat is not temperamentally suited to life as a starving artist or unemployed actor. They tend to choose careers that provide a steady source of income and that have a long shelf life. One of the most ambitious signs, Capricorns are slow to achieve success, but once the mountaintop is reached, it’s the real thing. Small, deliberate steps help them fulfill their ambition.

Capricorns need to have a detailed career plan, concrete goals, and the assurance of a decent paycheck. They are incapable of flying by the seat of their pants. This is the sign to watch as they grow in confidence and experience, and steadily reach their goals.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Capricorn:

1. Accountant
If you need your taxes done, a financial statement prepared or a treasurer for your organization, this is the person to call. Natural bean counters, Capricorns are compulsive about making sure all the “Is” are dotted and the “Ts” are crossed. They will not let you cheat nor misrepresent funds due to a strict sense of duty.

2. Managerial Consultant
If someone shows up in your office wearing a dark suit, carrying a briefcase, and conducting “interviews” with staff, you may be dealing with a Capricorn. They will easily recognize what is dysfunctional and what changes they should recommend. Slackers better beware when Capricorn is looking for holes in the system. To make things worse, staff may not even notice them lurking in their midst. Waste not, want not is their motto.

3. Professional Organizer
Capricorns love to flex their organizational muscles by finding a place for everything and being a model for others in getting rid of clutter. When they run out of things to rearrange and sort in their own homes, they feel compelled to move on to unsuspecting relatives and friends. After being told to back off enough times, they have a mission to use their talents by getting paid for it, and then a career is born.

4. Financial Planner
Capricorn is obsessed with building wealth and funding retirement plans. They grow up learning the ins and outs of compound interest and the joys of asset management. After they’ve figured out how to retire at 40, they spend the ensuing years helping other people to retire at 60. The poor souls didn’t start saving early enough, so while Capricorn retires and begins a new career, these people are still slogging away at the old one.

5. Real Estate Developer
This career is perfect for Capricorn. It allows them to put their heart and soul into a project and return a big profit in a very short time. Independent wealth won’t happen overnight, but eventually they will climb the property ladder until they have a view beyond compare. You won’t find them putting high-end materials into a basic condo. They are too practical for that. These smarty pants will find good materials at a bargain price that will make the place only appear more valuable.

6. Antiques Dealer
Capricorn has a love of history and provenance, as well as a keen sense of business. They get all worked up over period and style and seek to collect almost anything. This makes them especially cut out for the world of buying and selling antiques. They would love to set up a little shop, high on a hill in the country. It could even be in a century old barn or a little place downtown stuffed to the gills. These days it might be a virtual store, with the headiness of no overhead.

7. Cashier
In any retail outlet, movie theater, fast food restaurant or casino, there are probably a high percentage of Capricorns taking and counting your cash. When they get home, they hesitate before washing the smell of money from their hands. They love to stack the bills with heads facing toward them, sorted into denominations. Counting back change to a customer brings sheer joy and satisfaction, and the absolute best part of the day is balancing the till.

8. Appraiser
This career will suit the discerning Capricorn because they can revel in contact with an abundance of material goods and property. Whether they are evaluating a gemstone or a piece of real estate, they will enjoy the process of figuring out what something is worth. Because they are the most materialistic sign of the Zodiac, they are best suited to establishing value and keeping track of what the market will bear.

9. General Laborer
Capricorns have a keen work ethic and will do anything for money. Rarely do they forego a formal education, but when they do, they are able to make the most of it. Savvy Capricorn will find a way to get paid big bucks for emptying garbage cans, working on assembly lines or gutting fish if they have to. They’ve figured out the golden formula for security – get unionized or work for the government and all will fall into place.

10. Computer Programmer
Many people would cringe at the thought of spending 12-hour days staring at a bunch of code. Just bring up the words Java or Linux and the eyes of some Capricorns light up like candles. They are tenacious and dedicated, and possess a deep well of patience to find a missing tag or the reason why the script won’t run. If asked to pick out some colors for a webpage though, they will adopt the look of a caged animal and mumble something about an important appointment they’ve got to get to.

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