Plan Your Ideal Vacation


On November 10, 2014

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Plan Your Ideal Vacation

There is nothing worse than saving all your money or using all your precious time off when it turns out to be a complete drag. Astrology can give you insight into what you really want and need in a getaway.

Each Sun Sign has its own idea of what constitutes fun and satisfaction in a vacation. Read on and tap into what you, your partner, family, or friends consider the ideal holiday, and you’ll get the best return for your vacation dollar.

Aries are always seeking a thrill, choosing a country on the brink of civil unrest or taking the most dangerous route. They will strap themselves to a speeding boat, hurl themselves down a mountain, or sign up for a jungle trek through the Amazon. These crazy Rams will do anything for a little adrenaline rush. All-inclusive resorts or cruises are generally too ho-hum for this extreme personality.

Taurus would rather stay in one spot, eating and drinking with reckless abandon. They love the all-inclusive concept because they can indulge in gluttony for a very fair price. They would prefer to stay put on land, if possible, and will explore beyond the compound only if it involves good shopping. They have no desire to risk life and limb by scuba diving or rappelling off a cliff. They really need comfortable, well-appointed accommodations with a well stocked mini-bar.

Gemini love to flex their minds rather than their muscles. Give them a destination high on culture with a great social scene. Even if traveling with a partner or friends, they will talk the ear off of anyone. You’ll find them discussing politics with the chef or the latest self-help book with the front desk clerk. It will be hard to shut them up long enough to get some shut-eye. Family reunions are perfect because they can occupy Aunt Alice, extolling the virtues of email.

Cancer would rather stay at home, tending to garden and family. If you can drag them on a road trip, they won’t want to leave their own region. Anything foreign or risky would probably cause them to feel sick to their stomachs. They would love to visit historical houses, museums, or antique shops. The best vacation would be to visit family and spend quality time at the beach, with five or six children and grandparents in tow.

Leo has an affinity with the theater districts in New York or London. They would love the energy and excitement of big cities and the chance to rub elbows with creative people in the galleries, bars, and restaurants. They need to be stimulated, engaged, and on the go. Don’t take them to a quiet B&B hideaway or they will be bouncing off the walls. Leo should never get in a car with a perfectionist because they won’t follow any plan.

Virgo will need to take control of all planning, bookings, route selection, and packing. They do not respond well to any deviations. When on a camping trip, they will do the dishes immediately after eating and pick the crumbs off the ground. This implies access to running water and a source of light, so backcountry would not be an option. Make sure the hotel room is immaculately clean and has been booked six months in advance. They probably couldn’t handle staying in a hostel or bunking in with a long-lost cousin.

Libra will have to stay at a Five-Star resort, eat at recommended restaurants, and travel to beautiful, refined locations. You can find Libra looking fabulous in Monte Carlo and Miami Beach, but rarely in a theme park. In hotels they will need a spa and a boutique and will not be pleased if the service is bad or there are no chocolates on the pillow. They are incapable of packing light, so they will need someone to help with the bags.

Scorpio enjoys sitting poolside, observing people and taking in the scenery. They are the ones wearing something provocative and being alluring. No vacation would be complete without a romantic conquest or two. They would be equally happy with the intellectual stimulation of the Smithsonian Institute or the mysteries of Ancient Egypt or Greece. They’ll travel to the ends of the Earth for the perfect aphrodisiac.

Sagittarius is fascinated by foreign countries and exotic cultures. Many have been known to backpack throughout Asia or go on safari. They might even scrimp and save and live in their parent’s basement till they are established adults in order to satiate their appetite for travel. They are not satisfied with going to Cape Cod or Disneyland. They need to be authentic, even if it means getting deathly ill from the water or the food.

Capricorn will want to take the highway that is tried and true. They like to see how old money lives and enjoy travel to places with a sense of history. The Waldorf Astoria would be an excellent choice of hotel, except they are too frugal. A vacation in the mountains would revive them completely. The mountain air would do wonders in more ways than one. Perfect happiness entails cashing in a wad of unused traveler’s checks or savings.

Aquarius natives love to travel to unique and edgy destinations. They are in futuristic heaven at a Star Trek Conventions or can be found in the Louvre holding a battered copy of The Da Vinci Code. The more eccentric the better; however, their partners and friends have learned to arrange alternate amusements for themselves. If single, they often spend vacations hooking up with someone they just met.

Pisces would ideally rent a cottage by the ocean to kick back on vacation. The escape is complete if they also bring along their watercolors, collection of music, movies, or books, and a case of homemade wine. They will insist on adding to their burgeoning collection of shells and beach rocks, radically increasing their carry-on luggage on the way home. They’ll be the first ones to leave behind a watch, debit card, or phone.

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