Garden of the Senses


On October 30, 2014

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Garden of the Senses

A complex, stressful life becomes relaxing if you surround yourself with essences, colors, and objects that your Zodiac Sign resonates with. In addition to helping you become more at ease, if there are objectives that you hope to achieve or traits you wish to cultivate, color and decor can go a long way in helping you achieve that end.

Your intuition is by far the best guide when it comes to harmonizing your surroundings. If you’re not quite sure which scent is for you, sniff your way through an aromatherapy or candle shop. The same is true with colors. You will be drawn to what you need. Astrology can help us know where to look first in creating a sanctuary of the spirit.

Aries: Dark reds, scarlet, and fiery colors stimulate the fiery Ram. Pale, delicate colors are calming. Full of heat, you need the moving water of an aquarium or a fountain in your living space. Decorate with blues and greens, and include plants that need nurturing and tending. Remember: dead or sick plants represent stagnant, stale energy, so you can’t neglect them. Add a little whimsy to your decor to make you smile. Aries scents: jasmine, rose, grapefruit, orange, and peppermint.

Taurus: Taurus resonates with nature’s shades of greens, browns, yellows, and copper accents. All are lovely colors for a sensual Bull’s bedroom. You may need something more stimulating for your work areas, like bright blue, emerald green, or red. Have something moving close by to encourage you to do likewise: think wind chimes or a clock with a pendulum. Buy the highest quality you can afford. Taurus scents: chamomile, jasmine, and lavender.

Gemini: The celestial Twins tend toward two of everything, but in decorating it’s the “rule of three” that is aesthetically pleasing for a Gemini. Add one and quit feeling torn in two! Your predisposition of mixing all kinds of colors and patterns is stylish and a source of stimulation in areas where you need it. Think calming grays, lilacs, yellows and subtle designs where you need to contemplate or enjoy a good night’s sleep. Gemini scents: honeysuckle, jasmine, laurel, and verbena.

Cancer: The sign of the Crab resonates with colors like the white-silver of the Full Moon, or hues that are bright and sparkling like a lake on a breezy night under that same lunar light. Use these tones in comfort zones. Enliven yourself with gem colors like emeralds, sapphires, or bright red apples! Eliminate the clutter and make things squeaky clean. Add living plants that require nurturing. Cancer scents: jasmine, lavender, rose, and fruity essences.

Leo: Gold and yellow are revitalizing rays of sunshine for the Lion. A regal Leo basks in inner peace and tranquility and magnetizes with an outer glow. If you need to take action, stick with surroundings accentuating a regal royal purple, or a kingly or queenly “Chinese dynasty” decor. The Lion roars and others visit court. Magic happens through the addition of the red of the ruby or the rose. Leo scents: anise, chamomile, chrysanthemum, fennel, and parsley.

Virgo: Virgo is very sensitive to surroundings, and thus the home and workspace must be right and organized, with an elegant luxury that makes one feel prosperous, inspired to gain more organization and affluence in life. Colors and furnishings should be delicate in beiges and gray. Toss in a power ruby red accent and the color of money, like bright emeralds, and Virgo reaps rewards. Virgo scents: jasmine, lavender, chamomile, and fruits of the earth like oranges or apples.

Libra: Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, Libra is in a comfort zone when surrounded by pale delicate hues such as yellows and creams, accented by marble statuary and treasures precious to you. When you need confidence and power, add red and strong, jewel-toned hues. Place these primary colors in your more active rooms. Libra scents: orange, lemon, and violet.

Scorpio: A Scorpion relaxes best in sparkly clean, earthy, woody surroundings. Colors should be subdued when you need to relax. It’s rare that a Scorpio needs to outwardly accent power through color and decor, as it is built-in. However, black, dark brown, red, or royal purple work to bolster your strength if you need it. Scorpio scents: Woodsy, natural essences.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarian needs a grand scale, even in the smallest of homes, and, of course, an eclectic decor with objects from all over the world – and beyond. Royal purples and indigo blues stimulate and inspire the Archer. Comfort areas call for good circulation, wind chimes, and subdued hues. Sagittarius scents: flowers of all kinds.

Capricorn: Sea Goats resonate with and are stimulated by blues, blacks, dark browns, and “money” green. These colors must be used with caution, or one gets too melancholy. Reds build confidence and courage. Delicate pastel shades bring out the sexy inner Capricorn. Capricorn scents: jasmine, lavender, rose and fruity essences.

Aquarius: Eccentric fluid color combinations stimulate Aquarians. A smattering of moons and stars, random pictures of water buffalo, giraffes, and a giant red dragon all combine well – and stir creative juices. For the Water Bearer comfort zone, fresh air stirs wind chimes in a room the color of black pearl, steel, or sapphire blue. Aquarius scents: any incense.

Pisces: Luminous sea blues, the colors of ferns, and seaweed are ideal for relaxation areas. Pisces can daydream and meditate surrounded by pictures of fish, swans, and mystical and magical things. For stimulation, earthy, real live things keep you grounded. Purples and reds give courage. Clutter only clutters the mind. Make surroundings shine. Pisces scents: flowers and pure essences.

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