Can your dreams save your life?


On October 30, 2014

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Can your dreams save your life?

Our dreams contain a wealth of guidance concerning all areas of our lives. But perhaps one of the more fascinating are dreams that warn us about impending illness – known as prodromal dreams.

Many dreams will offer up suggestions as to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. They can also give information related to health and safety of our physical bodies, including warnings of potential minor or even potentially fatal accidents. Dietary suggestions are common, as are the more dire recommendations pertaining to serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Not only do our dreams give hints about our conditions, they can provide premonitions of problems to come. They warn us ahead of time so that we can take action and transform the outcome.

In ancient times the idea that dreams could be a means to healing was common knowledge. There were a number of temples dedicated to the God Asclepius in ancient Greece. The pilgrims who flocked searching for healing would go through elaborate cleansing rituals which were followed by offerings and libations to the gods. They then spent the night in the holiest area of the temple which was called the Abaton.

Any dreams or visions they had were reported to the priest in the morning, who would then prescribe the correct medicine according to the interpretation. Some of the pilgrims dreamt of a direct intervention by Asclepius himself which often resulted in miraculous healings. Galen of Pergamum, a physician of the time, even used his dream guidance to perform operations.

The basis for using our dreams in this way depends on us keeping a regular dream diary. We also need to spend some time working with our dream messages and symbols to discover what they may be trying to tell us.

One client, who was a staunch vegetarian, told me he dreamt that he was swimming in the water. Every time he stood up a fish would jump into his mouth. He talked to them explaining that he didn’t want to eat them because it seemed cruel. The fish replied, “But we want to be eaten by you.” It was some time before he could bring himself to go with his dream’s guidance, but one day, feeling very weak he decided to take this course of action and eat fish. He felt reborn. His energy levels improved and he was able to do so much more than he could previously.

In another example, mentioned in the book Dreaming True By Robert Moss, a women woke up with a start after she dreamt of her deceased father. In the dream he had shouted at her to get to a doctor as soon as possible, as she had breast cancer. His tone was so urgent that she did as he bade. Later she discovered she had a tumour, which, had it been left any longer, could have been fatal.

A female client who – like a lot of us – dyed her hair regularly dreamt that after using a certain hair dye her scalp became greatly irritated and her hair started falling out. Sores appeared on her head to such an extent that it would have taken some time to heal. After this she became very careful when choosing hair dyes. She made sure that she used those that were as gentle as possible, avoiding all harsh chemicals. So far she has had no problems.

Yet another dreamer was shown in great detail the acupressure points she needed to massage in order to gain relief from certain health issues, which helped her ailments.

There are so many examples that volumes could be written about this fascinating subject. The best way to discover what your dreams can do for you is through your own experience. Record them daily and act upon their advice. Who knows? It could save your life!

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