Mercury Retrograde 2018 Dates -
Mercury Retrograde 2018 Dates

Mercury Retrograde 2018 Dates

Once again 2018 puts us through the usual three Mercury retrograde periods, so you might think hey, nothing new to see here, right? But wait, there's so much more to know!

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Because all of 2018's Mercury retrogrades spend time in feisty fire signs, they might hit just a little harder than usual. So how can you keep your cool despite Mercury-related complications intensifying? Don't worry; we've got you covered, because there are plenty of ways to beat the heat!

Mercury Retrograde in Aries (March 22—April 15)

When smooth-talking Mercury does his thing, everything runs like clockwork. No major communications glitches at work, no tripping over your words when you're trying to get your flirt on, etc. But with Mercury retrograde for the first time this year, in a hard-headed fire sign like Aries? What starts as a small little spark of a glitch can turn into an out-of-control fire in no time. The fiery Ram is aggressive and impulsive and adds an impatient edge that can cause you to rush through the details.

So, what's a girl or guy to do? When the things you thought you could rely on—like texts and DMs going to the right person, schedules being on track and calculations hitting their mark—elude you, slow down. Don't let Aries get its sometimes-childish way. Be patient and don't panic. When you're in the burning building that is Mercury retrograde in Aries, there's always a safe way out. Look for your exits ahead of time and proceed with caution when it's time for you to escape!

Mercury Retrograde in Leo (July 26—August 19)

Here we go again! This second Mercury retrograde of the year, in dramatic Leo this time, brings back the same fiery energy as Aries but there are some different obstacles. The biggest one? Trying to stay in control and keep your ego in check. With Mercury retrograde in dignified Leo, you try desperately for things not to be your fault, so when it all goes to heck, blaming other people is probably your first instinct. Arguments become more heated as you grasp for excuses and scapegoats for your own omissions and oversights, which isn't exactly the way to nurture lasting friendships and work relationships, ya' know?

To speak with authority and integrity while Mercury is retrograde in proud Leo, dial down the drama. Try to maintain consistency between what you say and what you do, and if you mess up, make it right. Are people looking at you, watching how you're going to handle this latest blowout? Absolutely. The key? Don't let them see you sweat!

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio (Nov. 16—Dec. 6)

With easygoing Sagittarius playing Mercury's optimistic host as it moves into its final retrograde of the year, it's all about good intentions. The Archer is a truth-seeker, so you'll strive for honesty, but when Mercury's precious facts get all jumbled up, as they tend to do during a retrograde period, you're left with a conundrum. If you don't have the exact figures in time for a meeting, will it really hurt to fudge the numbers slightly? Or, isn't it funnier if you enhance some of the details of your dating horror story, for comic effect? Yes, probably. But guess what else happens? Mercury retrograde has a way of exposing those inaccurate or exaggerated details, making you look bad in front of the wrong people.

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The moral of this story? Being creative right now is OK, but being purposefully misleading is a no-no. Stick to the truth, even if it lands you in hot water. Because guess what? This Mercury retrograde moves into the cool waters of Scorpio in its final stage, giving you some extra clarity. Are you still in danger of saying the wrong thing? Yes. But determined Scorpio's arrival should help you stay calm among the chaos.

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