Mercury Retrogrades 2020

Mercury Retrogrades 2020

As we welcome in a new decade, we'll also welcome three more retrogrades. (Joy!) The three Mercury retrogrades of 2020 will be a puzzling elemental mix of water sign sensitivity and air sign aloofness. So when communications get scrambled, we’ll be challenged to harmonize our deep emotional experiences with our social, intellectual sides.

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As logic and structure become less reliable, we'll be asked to lean on intuition or switch to objectivity if we're overwhelmed by emotion.

To help yourself out, mark your calendar with these key Mercury retrograde dates.

February 17 - March 10

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces & Aquarius

Keywords: Disorganization, disconnect with reality, creativity, fresh perspectives, technology, abstract concepts

mercury retrograde

When Mercury retrogrades in expansive Pisces, detailed Mercury can become disoriented. This can cause thoughts to drift and imagination to wander.

Trouble is, we still have schedules to keep. So, while time tends to dissolve in Pisces world, we may need to set those text reminders, and stick to a to-do list to organize our days and provide some necessary external structure.

While in this sign, linear progress isn't really possible. Instead, use this time for getting deep in creative processes and meditating on fresh perspectives.

At the tail-end of its retrograde, Mercury switches into Aquarius. This is an objective and intellectual sign, turning our focus back to the outside world. Thoughts are as abstract as Mercury's journey through Pisces, yet issues in our social networks arise that may take some innovation to resolve.

Aquarius is also associated with technology and inventions, which can cause emails to get lost and electronics to become glitchy. Communication may have to get more direct to compensate: hop on the phone, or better yet, meet up for coffee to make sure the message is getting through.

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June 18 - July 12

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

Keywords: Emotional, defensive, restoration, repair, emotional health

cancer mercury retrograde

June and July’s retrograde goes deep in the emotive waters of Cancer, where our urge to nurture and protect is strong. Any miscommunication or crossed wires that may occur here are likely to have us feeling hurt and defensive, but it’s important to stay focused on the bigger picture.

We may also feel a need to retreat into solitude and rest, as this moon-ruled retrograde focuses on restoration and repair. Thus, it’s an ideal time to tend to our emotional health. Doing so could help us connect with our loved ones with more clarity.

We're feeling vulnerable and self-protective during this time, which makes it hard to open up. But sharing our feelings may need to happen in order to help us feel supported and secure. This could mean going back to an unresolved conversation, for a chance at a do-over. To do this, you might want to retrace your steps. Locate a lost connection and restore trust again.

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October 14 - November 3

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio & Libra

Keywords: Delays, broody emotional turmoil, manipulation, insecurity, trouble with compromise

pisces mercury retrograde

Moody, broody Scorpio can set the tone for misunderstandings when Mercury goes retrograde here. Delays in replies can have us assuming the worst, causing emotional turmoil if we retreat rather than check in with the other party for clarification.

Your gut reaction may be accurate, but there could be more to the story. Scorpio likes to gain control when uncertain, so be aware of any tendencies to manipulate outcomes if feeling insecure.

Libra—the sign of balance and social harmony—hosts the second half of this Mercury retrograde. While Scorpio keeps our nerves on high alert, Libra asks us to turn to communication in our intimate relationships. Thus, the deep emotional topics Scorpio brings up will have a chance to be re-examined here.

As a Venus-ruled sign focused on negotiation, Libra supports mediation when communications have reached a stalemate. There's a challenge to keep peace amidst Mercury's antics. But you can find a win-win solution to restore equality in love and friendship. To do this, it may be the perfect time to take the “media” out of social and host a gathering where friends can celebrate and connect in person.

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