Taurus Birthday Horoscope

It's one of the most reliable facts of the zodiac: If you attend a Taurus' birthday party, you are going to eat well. Whatever the best restaurant in town is, make a reservation and plan to splurge on a nice bottle of wine and a multi-course dinner. Taurus energy is all about slowing down and experiencing the finer things in life. Take things slow and appreciate the moment. You know what you like and aren't the world's biggest risk taker, so classic cuisines like French, Italian, or a nice steakhouse are right up your alley. You're happiest when you know you're getting the best. The sign of the Bull, a Taurus knows what they like and how hard they have to work to get it.

You're an intensely loyal sign, so a small gathering of your closest friends and loved ones is in order. The best gifts for these high minded signs are something special or luxurious—a painting or piece of art, perfume, or something silky and touchable. Material possessions are important to you but you also know how to breathe deep and find satisfaction in simple comforts.

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