Leo Birthday Horoscope

Leo energy is impossible to ignore. Big, bold, and full of personality, Leos are showstoppers in most everything they do. Celebrate that energy by taking an acting class or signing up for a local theater program. Being on stage is a great way to satisfy the need for the spotlight without stepping on anyone's toes in your day-to-day life.

Since you know everyone is looking at you, why not look your best? Gather your friends and splurge on a beauty treatment like microblading or lash extensions. Afterwards, spend the day shopping and playing dress up and then do an impromptu photo shoot (it's not hard to spot a Leo's Instagram feed).

Celebrate by being the leader of the pack and indulge your competitive lion within. The best way to accomplish this? By working out some of that fire energy with a spin or boxing class. Loud music, intense focus, the thrill of getting to the front of the class—a perfect Leo workout. Your intensity and charisma can be a great source of inspiration to others.

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