Aries Birthday Horoscope

As the first sign in the zodiac, you're both a natural leader and a trailblazer. With Mars as your ruling planet, you love action, energy, and competition. Mars is the god of war, after all. To celebrate your bold nature, gather your friends for an action-oriented activity like paintball or go-cart racing. Speed and danger is fun for you, so choose something that lets you burn off some steam and indulge your inner team captain. Fast cars and team sports are a match made in heaven for an Aries baby.

Continue the sportsmanship with a barbeque. Aries love big flavors, red meat, and plenty of spice, so a cook out is right up your alley. Make sure to stock up on the red wine—another Aries staple. A backyard fete is also the best way to keep the group games going. Cornhole, cards, board games, charades, even a good old fashioned game of Twister, you're always down to play. Just don't pout too much if you lose—it's still your birthday! Your passion and focus is a constant inspiration to everyone around you, so the night will likely go late.

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