Aries Birthday Horoscope

Decorative Matches. Aries are like a moth to a flame, so light your fire with these playful sun and moon inspired matches.

Wii Sport. Aries loves a little rough and tumble sports action. Wii Sport is a great option for when you're feeling active but can't get outside.

Jenga. Fun loving Aries are always down for a game night, and Jenga is the kind of activity that can bring people together. Just watch out for that competitive Aries spirit.

Makeup Set. This makeup set, stacked with hundreds of color combinations, will appeal to colorful and aesthetically adventurous Aries.

Rollerblades. Adrenaline junkie? You must be talking about an Aries. Get your blood pumping with a new pair of rollerblade.

Gourmet Hot Sauce. Aries like it hot and spicy. Tickle your taste buds with this gourmet hot sauce, featuring surprising ingredients like black truffle, chili pepper, and agave.

Converse Chuck Taylors. Constanty on the move, Aries need a shoe that can keep up with them like these classic and functional Chuck Taylors. Get them in red to match that bold Aries personality.

Tangerine Candle. This zesty citrus candle packs an intoxicating tangerine scent, which meshes well with the Aries joie de vivre. The three wick style burns for at least 80 hours.

Gold Bar Earrings. Aries prefer their jewelry to be on the minimal side. These unfussy and modern gold bar earrings are the perfect Ram accessory.

Heart Keychain. So many hearts to break and adventures to go on, it's hard for an Aries to remember where they put their keys! This fashionable fob should help you remember even on the busiest of days.

More Birthday Ideas for Aries