Your Zodiac Sign’s Guardian Angel


On February 28, 2017

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Your Zodiac Sign’s Guardian Angel

You have angelic friend watching over you, so next time you need help, call on this angel…


Your angel is Malahidael, which stands for courage. It uses the power of the Sun to provide you with strength and optimism when times are tough. Malahidael is also associated with the Tree of Life and Spring. When you need to express love, feel more love, or receive more love, call on this angel.


Your sign’s guardian angel, Asmodel – the angel of patience. It helps you be cautious, responsible, and practical, so when you aren’t feeling these qualities, call on Asmodel to help ground you. It also helps one accrue wealth.


Ambriel is, not surprisingly for a Gemini, the angel of communication. When you need some clarity and hope, call on this angel and it will help you be more proactive about the situation in question. You will feel reassured that you are taking the right course of action.


Your angel is named Muriel, who is a Mother Nature of sorts. Ever randomly smell a floral scent? That means Muriel is near you. It is focused on compassion, making you an emotional, introspective, kind human being. When you need more compassion and sensitivity, call on Muriel.


Angel Verchiel is yours, which brings out your confidence and reminds you to take time for your personal needs like relaxation, fun, leisure, and personal wellness. When you feel discouraged, disappointed, and/or ignored, call on this angel for a radiant boost of your ego.


Your angel’s name is Hamaliel. This angel rules logic. When you feel out of control, you can call on Hamaliel to calm and center you. This angel also likes to come to you in human form – so you literally have or meet at least one person in your life with angelic qualities who you can turn to for support in times of need.


Zuriel is the angel of harmony. Whenever you have a void in your life, this angel can help you realize what you need to feel complete and at peace. Zuriel helps you feel more passion! Take occasional, small risks and do not worry, because Zuriel watches over you. 


Barbiel is your angel, and also a ruler of the underworld. Like you, this angel is a balance of dark and light. It helps you be honest and objective about the state of your life, relationships, work, and world at large. Whenever you’re doubting yourself or feel others are unfairly judging you, call on Barbiel for help.


Sag’s angel is Adnachiel, who helps people realize what they need to make their wishes come true. Adnachiel opens people’s minds up so that they are accepting of differences, emotionally expressive, and eager to explore new possibilities and places. Call on this angel when you need to expand your horizons.


Hanael helps you to keep moving forward. When you feel stuck or that you can’t let go of some type of painful memory, call on your angel. Hanael reminds you to trust your intuition and follow your heart if it feels strongly enough. Sometimes life makes no sense — and Hanael is there for you when things spin out of control.


Uriel is your angel. Usually when you are in a time of crisis, your fear and pain have more to do with not knowing how to make it better. Fortunately, if you trust in Uriel, this angel can help you see your untapped (or ignored) potential. Let Uriel infuse your soul with a new light and enrich your daily ideas, optimism, and creativity.


Your angel is Barakiel, who leads the guardian angels and has more influence over humankind that any other angel. Its embodies empathy and sympathy. When you or someone you care about is not feeling safe, secure, or understood, call on Barakiel to guide you to a better place.

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