Your Weekend Love Horoscope for July 14-16: Ditch Your Drama and Pursue Your Passion.


On July 14, 2017

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Your Weekend Love Horoscope for July 14-16: Ditch Your Drama and Pursue Your Passion.

This weekend, the moon is still in sultry Pisces, giving you one last chance to bring things to the next level. Crank up your seduction strategy, flirt with whoever crosses your path, or try something new in the bedroom. On Sunday, a Mercury-Pluto conjunct may cause confusion and communication problems. The best antidote? Talk through issues upfront and avoid needless drama and textversations, which can get lost in translation. Keeping things simple will help you stay more connected to your feelings and sail into a romantic week.

Aries Weekend Love Horoscope
Whether single or attached, spontaneity is the order of the weekend. Single? Fire off a few texts to crush potentials, and make a decision to hang out with whoever answers you first. The stars say the weekend is ultra-romantic; if you’re attached, skip the group get-togethers in favor of one-on-one time. On Sunday, as the Moon squares Mars, it’s easy for disagreements to get out of control. Escape the drama and make plans with your most down to earth friends.

Taurus Weekend Love Horoscope
As Mercury sextiles Jupiter, your manifesting powers are at their peak. Visualize exactly what you want (as well as exactly where you want their hands) and you’ll likely find it happening. On Saturday, use your ambition to affect your relationship. If you’re single, stake out a few parties or events where you’re likely to meet people. Attached? Make a plan to do something to make your bond even stronger. On Sunday, it’s all about you. Getting sensual with yourself, either via self-pleasure or just spending a long time in the bath, will put you in the best mood for the week ahead.

Gemini Weekend Love Horoscope
Conversations heat up in a serious way on Friday, but think before you speak, especially if you’re flirting with a coworker. Do you really want them to cross that line? A risk-taker by nature, you’re feeling sexually adventurous on Saturday. Check in with your gut to make sure this person deserves intimacy with you, though. On Sunday, the Moon-Saturn trine sets the stage for an intriguing conversation with someone you want to learn more about. Coupled? It’s a great time to collaborate on a project with your partner.

Cancer Weekend Love Horoscope
As the Moon trines Mars in Cancer on Friday, you’re ready for action. See where the evening leads you—a no-holds-barred night is exactly what you need. Saturday is more low-key. Single? Talking about your romantic prospects with friends can put things in perspective. Coupled? After the crazy summer you’ve had so far, some one-on-one time is what you need. Sunday is all about feeling feeling the sun on your body and enjoying your physical self.

Leo Weekend Love Horoscope
On Friday, passions run high as the Sun conjuncts Saturn. Second-guessing is natural, but keep any critical observations to yourself for right now. On Saturday, it’s OK if you keep things a little superficial—a fun day with friends will elevate your mood. As the moon slides into Taurus on Sunday, it’s a lot easier to share what’s really going on below the surface. Single? It’s time to either take the next step in a casual dating situation—or let it go.

Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope

As Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Friday, people are paying attention to you, even if you’re attached. A flattering email, comment, or even gift may cross your path, know that it does come with strings and expectations. Saturday is the ideal time to tighten a romantic bond, either by talking exclusivity in a newish relationship or by seriously talking next steps in a committed one. On Sunday, tensions come to a head—listen to your heart for next steps, this may be the time to move on.

Libra Weekend Love Horoscope
Usually committed to their schedule, Libras are feeling restless and jumping from plan to plan on Friday night. Be okay with going with the flow. The Moon-Jupiter opposition this weekend wants you to expand your social circle—a casual conversation may get serious fast, and a partner might get jealous. On Sunday, keep the energy high. Make plans, go out, and have fun. The week ahead could get complicated, and you might need some fun memories to make you smile.

Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope

Always seductive, Scorpios turn on the sex appeal on Friday night, when a Moon-Mars trine amps up their allure. On Saturday, keep things sultry by planning a romantic evening if you’re coupled. Single? Head out with friends and see what happens. And tune into what others are saying around you—the stars say that you’ll garner a lot of information that will be useful in the future. On Sunday, you’re feeling some stress about the week ahead and may be tempted to pick a fight. Go outside for a bit—getting in touch with nature is all you need to help you keep your sex goddess vibe strong.

Sagittarius Weekend Love Horoscope
Usually social, on Friday, the stars say it’s okay to chill out and stay in. You won’t miss much, and staying up on Snapchat if you must can give you valuable intel into the overall dynamics of your social scene. On Saturday, a Moon-Jupiter opposition makes it an ideal day to socialize, and you’re adept at finding people who are on the same wavelength as you. Whatever your relationship status, spend some time solo on Sunday afternoon. In the evening, tune into your intuition to figure out exactly what you need in the bedroom.

Capricorn Weekend Love Horoscope
Always in control, this week the stars suggest Caps hold back and let someone else do the pursuing. Attached? Let your partner plan the evening and let them take the lead. On Saturday, your usual social routine shakes up—go with the flow, even though you may be skeptical about the fun factor. A Moon-Pluto square puts you on edge on Saturday into Sunday. But don’t get caught up in the little things. Getting physical (even just sharing a hug with a friend) will help keep your prickly mood in check.

Aquarius Weekend Love Horoscope
On Friday, you may be feeling weird vibes from your partner. Just let it go. Same if you’re single: If you get a weird text, know that everything will right itself with a little bit of patience. On Saturday, take charge and make the plans. In the evening, as the Moon trines mischievous Mars, stop taking everything so seriously. Curb “where is this going” conversations and just enjoy each other. On Sunday, emotions get rocky. Talk through how you feel with a partner or a friend, but don’t schedule a first date until mid-week, when everything will feel more stable.

Pisces  Weekend Love Horoscope
Things may feel slow to start on Friday, but by late night, your phone will be blowing up. This weekend, the Moon-Jupiter opposition cranks up your sex appeal. You’re hot and you know it. On Sunday, if you’re feeling anxious or underappreciated, avoid the urge to get passive-aggressive and talk through the issue. Sunday, you’ll be feeling the love from friends and strangers, alike. Bask in it, Babe. 

Feature illustration by Dorian Legret.

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