Your Venus Retrograde Survival Guide


On March 6, 2017

Your Venus Retrograde Survival Guide

Will Venus’ retrograde wreak havoc on your love life or finances? Why it could – and what you can do about it…

Is it possible that only one star rule your love life, finances, and even your beauty? Yes, there is: Venus. When Venus goes retrograde, life can take an unusual and sometimes dangerous course. But it’s a period of adjustment that needs to happen and will be for your own good as long as you learn to manage key areas of your life in the following ways…

Your Love Life

During the retrograde period, from March 4th to April 15th, 2017, it is not ideal to start a new relationship – at least not one you hope will be serious and long-lasting. If you feel like someone is too hot for you to say no to, that’s fine, just be aware of the danger: your prince or princess might turn into a frog right in front of your eyes.


If you are already in a relationship, you might experience a setback. Also, keep in mind that Venus is now in Aries, possibly making a lot of us more aggressive. Remembering why you are with who you are, and focusing on all the good times you’ve had together, can help ease any Ram-infused anxiety.


If you are planning a wedding, love-related celebration, or big next step in your relationship, it’s best to wait until the retrograde period is over.


Your Finances

Picture your beautiful, rich and sexy Taurus friend luring you into going shopping. That’s Venus retrograde taking over your wallet, literally. Under this aspect, it is recommended to come up with a new budget or plan for how you are going to cut down on expenses in the future. But when it comes to the short-term, the solution is simple: Don’t go shopping! If you must buy something, do exhaustive research beforehand.


Your Beauty

The same thing goes for beauty-related decisions. A lot of us will feel the need to revamp our image, get a new haircut or change our wardrobe, especially the Venus-ruled signs, Taurus and Libra. This is a good time for figuring out your new look, but not a good time to make any drastic changes. Wait until the beauty goddess is sending better beams your way – mid-April or later.




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