Your Sign's Biggest Regret in Life


On February 28, 2017

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Your Sign's Biggest Regret in Life

Sometimes, there’s that one person, or thing, you can’t quite get over. Check out what your sign’s biggest regret of all is…

The One That Got Away
Your sign is so into the chase, you may have never gotten over the one you failed to catch (or keep). Whether that was a job or lover, you may always think about it.

Not Taking Action
Your sign can get so comfortable, you forget to take action sometimes. You can probably count at least three things you wish you’d acted upon sooner.

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Saying Too Much
You love to communicate so much, you may have to watch out for gossip. Saying too much, or revealing things too soon, can backfire, causing rifts in relationships.

Not Being Brave Enough
Your sign can be plenty brave when you want to be, but your biggest regret may be not taking enough chances in life. Going on more adventures can help open you up.

Not Letting Others In
Your sign is so used to being seen and heard, that you can sometimes forget about those in the background who make it all possible. Let others into your life.

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Not Having It All Together
You love your feng shui and organization, Virgo, showing that one of your biggest regrets is not having it all together. Give yourself a break, and you’ll be happier.

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Being Less Than Perfect
You’re so good at being balanced and graceful that the slightest slip-up at a party can make you feel regretful. Let yourself off the hook with your trademark charm.

Not Being More Vulnerable
You can love like no one else, Scorpio. But you’re also very protective when it comes to your heart. Try to work on opening up a little more, until it feels safer.

Not Being Able to Travel Everywhere
Admit it, Sag. If you could, you’d want to travel to most of the places in the world. But responsibilities call. In the meantime, rely on amazing travel books and blogs.

Not Having More Fun
Your sign can be practical, and you may regret not having more fun along the way. Work on opening up your horizons by trying new things and meeting new people.

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Aquarians are thinkers, but you may regret being so much in your mind that you overthink, or analyze, everything to death. Let go and be present in each moment.

Taking Things Too Personally
For your sign, things may always feel a little personal, because of your innate sensitivity. But of course, very few things are about you. Let go and enjoy yourself.

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