Your Love Horoscope for June 2017


On June 5, 2017

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Your Love Horoscope for June 2017

Emotions run high toward the June 9 full moon in Sagittarius. This means major fights—but also epic makeups. Single? As the sun moves into caring Cancer on June 20, you’re aching for commitment and honesty from a partner you can trust. Follow your intuition, and stay true to what you want. If you’re craving something deeper from that Friend with Benefits, make it known—and give yourself permission to walk if the feeling’s not mutual. But also let logic into the mix—don’t confront your date over a suspicion that may well end up being totally off base. Attached? The end of the month is a great time to revisit one-, five-, and ten-year plans with your partner to make sure you’re on the same page.

Aries June Love Horoscope
On June 1, a Venus/Saturn trine brings loyalty to the forefront: Have a conversation with your partner, or have the courage to let go of the casual date who always seems to be texting other people. On June 9, a Sagittarius full moon gets a nod from seductive Saturn, causing all sorts of drama. Secrets will be revealed, and, if you’re single, you may find the person you’re chatting with isn’t who you thought. On June 25, a Mars/Jupiter square tells you to trust your gut—it’ll lead you in the right direction.

Taurus June Love Horoscope
On June 3, a Venus/Uranus conjunction creates major romantic sparks—fun if you’re single, explosive if you’re attached. Magnify it by saying yes—yes to a spontaneous road trip, yes to a blind date, yes to getting busy in the shower. On June 29, a Pluto/Mercury opposition suggests not-so-fun fireworks: A fight or argument comes up, or something fun may devolve into a shouting match. Trust that things will level out as the month turns.

Gemini June Love Horoscope
On June 4, an uncertain Mars/Neptune square creates confusion. The only way to get through it is by being honest, even if it’s not what the person opposite you wants to hear. On June 21, Mercury leaves your nonchalant sign for Cancer, leading you to be more emotional and less logical in conversations. It feels uncomfortable, but stick it out—your intuition is leading you exactly where you need to be headed.

Cancer June Love Horoscope

Powerful Mars enters your sign on June 4, amping up drama. Whether you’re single or attached, trust your own romantic judgment—too much input from family and friends can make you feel even more confused. When the nurturing Sun enters your sign on June 20, you have plenty of energy to give to others; plan a party and invite everyone you know. You may find a friend of a friend is the perfect match if you’re single; and bringing acquaintances into your circle will add a splash of intrigue for both of you if you’re attached.

Leo June Love Horoscope
A Sun/Jupiter trine on June 3 increases positive energy. Single? Sign up for that speed dating event your coworker mentioned. Attached? Time to start talking future plans. On June 24, substantial love vibes from a Venus/Pluto trine make it an ideal date night—book that corner table at your favorite restaurant. Single Lions who make plans on that evening may be very pleasantly surprised by night’s end.  

Virgo June Love Horoscope
When Mars moves from airy Gemini to watery Cancer on June 4, you’re feeling all the feels. Talk it out: Your partner has a willing ear, and if you’re single, a night out with a pal will make you feel empowered and ready to date again. On June 21, a Sun/Mercury conjunction makes you especially communicative. Whether you’re single or attached, try a convo on the phone or IRL instead of via text, it’ll pay off in a big way.

Libra June Love Horoscope
A Venus/Saturn trine on June 1 makes you crave affection. Single? Get cuddly with a buddy—it doesn’t have to be romantic to feel great. On June 25, a Mars/Jupiter square creates major drama. Play things close to the chest and hope the fireworks blow over, but if you’re just getting to know someone, pay close attention: If your potential partner fights dirty, it’s a good sign to get out before you get too close.

Scorpio June Love Horoscope
You have a rep for being standoffish, but not this month. When Mars leaves Gemini on June 4, you’re craving closeness, so make a plan for some one-on-one time. Single? Don’t discount someone from your past, especially the one who always lent a shoulder in times of need. On June 29, a strong Mercury/Pluto opposition leaves you speaking up on an issue you’re passionate about—potentially alienating your partner or date. Agree to disagree. Can’t let it go? It may be a sign that you need to step off your soapbox and focus on ways to actually change the situation, rather than that person’s mind.

Sagittarius June Love Horoscope
Mercury enters Capricorn on June 6 and finally, everything seems to settle down, especially in regards to some key issues you’ve been having with your partner. Single? Time to ask friends for setups—you’ll be glad you did. On June 21, a Sun/Mercury conjunction means you can’t go wrong with communication—time to bring up an issue that’s been bothering you, or send out a flirty message to someone you matched with.

Capricorn June Love Horoscope
A Sun/Jupiter trine on June 3 gives your love life a lucky sheen—time to take a big step in your commitment, whether it’s talking marriage or children, or  finally making a move on your crush if you’re single. On June 28, a Mercury/Mars conjunction will make you feel a little bit combative; weigh your words and your partner’s intention. Did your date not text back for hours when you asked where you were meeting? You can actually believe him when he says his phone died.

Aquarius June Love Horoscope 

What did that text mean? Who was your partner seen having drinks with? A June 4 Sun/Neptune square brings major confusion to your love life. By the Sagittarius full moon on June 9, the situation will become much clearer—avoid confrontation until then. On June 25, a Mars/Jupiter square makes you feel ultra-confident. Awesome, but give yourself a reality check: Three dates in one night is too ambitious, and that 100-person surprise birthday party for your partner will go just as well if you halve the guest list.

Pisces  June Love Horoscope
You try hard to keep your emotions under wraps, but on June 4, when Mars leaves Gemini for Cancer, all you want to do is spill. Go for it—your trusted partner will want to hear. Even a first date may be a lot more supportive than you think—and will share some vulnerability as well, setting solid groundwork for something more permanent to transpire.

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