Your December Horoscope: How Will Mercury in Retrograde Affect Your Holiday Hopes?


On November 30, 2017

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Your December Horoscope: How Will Mercury in Retrograde Affect Your Holiday Hopes?

Mercury in retrograde on Saturday, a supermoon on Sunday … the beginning of the month is turbulent with planetary changes, and all signs will feel them to varying degrees. Not only that, but the December solstice—the shortest day of the year—can make us turn inward, exploring the shadows of our soul. Sound depressing? It’s not. While the beginning of the month is likely to be stormy, both in your life and in the news (you’ve seen the headlines recently, right? Yikes!) the good news is that you can come out on top. Empathy is everything. Stepping in someone else’s shoes, evern briefly, is key. And while you may be tempted to enter a conflict with your voice raised, the  more you can relax, be kind, and be calm, the more you’ll win. Here, what else to expect in December 2017.

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Aries December Horoscope
The December 3 full moon cranks up your social life. You’re getting a ton of invites—sometimes from pretty unexpected or highly respected sources—but all the parties, plans, and interactions can make you feel like you have to be at the top of your game 24/7. Even though it’s social, it may feel like work, and you may be exhausted. Make sure to make time for your favorite people who truly know and see the real you. The December 17 new moon makes you eager for new opportunities, and it’s a great time to commit to some New Year’s resolutions. If you play your cards right and lay the groundwork now, they have an excellent chance of working out in the future. A Mars-Neptune trine on December 27 spotlights relationships. If you’re single, the prospects are excellent you’ll find the perfect person to kiss as the ball drops. 
Standout Days: 6, 9, 13
Challenging Days: 10.24

Taurus December Horoscope 
The full moon on December 3 has the potential to unlock ways for you to make money. Awesome. The bad news: It comes with strings. Only you can determine if it’s worth it to take the cash, but if you do, proceed with caution—especially as this occurs during Mercury in retrograde. If the money talks are complicated and involve contracts, see if you can hang back from signing anything until after Mercury goes direct, around December 22. The new moon on the seventeenth causes people to flock to you for advice. You have plenty of answers and opinions, but know they may just want to bounce ideas off you—you don’t have to solve things, all the time. Toward the end of the month, a Venus-Saturn conjunction urges you to just relax and enjoy and make the most of every moment. You’ll have plenty of time to dive into new projects in the new year.
Standout Days: 15, 20, 28
Challenging Days: 10, 24

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Gemini December Horoscope      
When Mercury goes retorgrade on December 2, it may create havoc for you, especially, Gemini. Be prepared. Back up as much as possible, make sure to triple-check any emails you sent, and give yourself plenty of time, so you’re not making decisions based on pressure. Go slow and steady. And stop trying so hard. Weirdly, the less you do and the less you push, the more you’ll achieve what you want. You’re always striving and waiting for the next thing, but know that there are so many people in your life who love you and respect you right now—spend time with them. They’re your anchors, and you need them more than you may know. The new moon on the seventeenth is a sparkling time for love. Romance may just feel easier and more effortless if you’re attached. Single? It’s a great time to meet someone. And the end of the year is a time for well-deserved relaxation, as Mercury goes direct and you can breathe a sigh of relief.
Standout Days: 6, 17, 26
Challenging Days: 10, 31

Cancer December Horoscope
The full moon on December 3 has you craving quiet time, but you’re not going to get it—at least not yet. Thanks to Mercury in retrograde, your personal and professional life are thrown into chaos. Annoying? Yes. Overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. You may feel stressed because you feel compelled to fix everything, when you don’t necessarily have to. Remember that you can and should set boundaries to preserve your sanity. On the sixth, the moon is in Cancer while Mercury and Mars sextile. This is a great time to find romance—not necessarily in the flowers and champagne way, but by being vulnerable and admitting when you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Your vulnerability is an asset; use it. The new moon on December 17 provides a refresh, where you may finally feel things settling into place and things feeling like they’re on track. Attitude of gratitude from then until the beginning of the New Year!
Standout Days: 5, 14, 17
Challenging Days: 16, 28

Leo December Horoscope
The full moon in December 3 ups the ante on your social life, but you may feel things are more obligation than pleasure. It’s okay to not be the center of attention. But appearances may matter. Far better to head to a party, even if it’s not your thing, say hi to the host and raise a glass than stay home, especially when it’s your office party or similar. The new moon on the seventeenth infuses your generous spirit, but make sure to keep an eye on your wallet. You love lavish gifts, but overspending is never good, and trust that you will be tempted around this date. On December 21, as the sun enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn, people are looking at you for leadership—step up. You’ll be glad you did,
Standout Days: 1, 12, 23
Challenging Days: 9, 19

Virgo December Horoscope
Mercury retrograde affects your sign, so slow and deliberate wins the beginning of the month. If you must sign any documents, look over them several times, and consider looping in an expert. The full moon on the third provides a boost to your social life, but remember Mercury in retrograde and make sure you’ve finished any work first. The December 17 new moon is welcome as it casts a shining light on your home life. This is also a great time for romance, and a time to remember that “romance” doesn’t need to be lavish to feel real. Cozy cuddle sessions on the couch are absolutely what should be prioritized. On December 22, Mercury goes direct, and you may find that final week of the year ideal for wrapping things up and getting things done so you have a clean slate for January.
Standout Days: 12, 17, 21
Challenging Days: 4, 10

Libra December Horoscope
Venus, your ruling planet, enters Sagittarius on December 1, and you’re feeling optimistic about everything, but especially love. Ride this wave where it leads. A spontaneous trip with your partner could be in the cards (but triple check those flights thanks to Mercury in retrograde) or go on a spontaneous date. Flirt a lot at the start of the week. The supermoon on December third brings up intense feelings, but these aren’t necessarily bad. You tend to keep your inner life close to your chest as you try to project what other people want to hear, but in the beginning of the week, be forthright and direct. It’ll pay off. On December 17, a new moon may rock your confidence. Confide in close friends or your partner to get your mojo back. And when Mercury goes direct on December 22, you’re unstoppable. It’s a great month, Libra. Live it up!
Standout Days: 7, 14, 23
Challenging Days: 4, 20

Scorpio December Horoscope
The full moon on December 3, coupled with Mercury in retograde, makes you feel slightly unsure and insecure. Don’t let those feelings get to you. The worst thing you can do is ruminate; get out there and surround yourself with family and friends who love you. On the ninth, Mars enters Scorpio and ratchets up your confidence, as well as your hustle. Now’s the time to meet people, interview for jobs, or otherwise get yourself out there in a major way. Beware on the new moon of Deceber 17, where your generous spirit could prompt you to spend way too much. It’s key to keep your finances in close sight throughout the holiday season; you tend to spend based on emotions, which is not necessarily the wisest financial strategy! The end of the month is sparkling, with unexpected gifts—both physical and emotional—that will enrich your month and year. 
Standout Days: 6, 13, 27
Challenging Days: 1, 28

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Sagittarius December Horoscope
Romance is in the air thanks to the December 3 full moon. But beware: Because romance comes during Mercury in retrograde, it may not be fully what it seems. Not like the potential partner is nefarious, but you may not see the full picture or may be too idealistic. Proceed with caution, but enjoy. Attached? If you’re feeling more amorous with your partner, it’s a sign that personal and professional commitments may have been out of whack in the past. Now is a great time to recalibrate. You’re pretty irresistible and in the drivers seat at the beginning of the month. Enjoy and use your charm to power through some to-do list items—you’ll be thankful later in the month. On the fourteenth, you’re extra lucky as the moon conjoins Jupiter. It’s a great day to make a risky move. The December seventeenth new moon gives you an exra dose of optimism. Enjoy it!
Standout Days: 5, 19, 22
Challenging Days: 1, 29

Capricorn December Horoscope
The full moon on December 3 appeals to your domestic side, and getting little things done counts a lot in making you feel more sane and on top of things. As the month progresses, you’re finding more meaning in smaller gatherings than large groups—don’t blow off the big parties, but make sure to get in some in-depth conversations with people who seem interesting. Move past the weather chat into meatier topics. The new moon of the seventeenth has you opening up to someone new, which could mark the beginning of a very important relationship in the future. You tend to put a lot of stock in how things “should” be, but if you let them unfold as they are, you’ll be in a better position. As the sun enters your sign on December 21, you’re feeling great and in a prime position to celebrate the closing of a new year and the beginning of another year around the sun for you. Cheers!
Standout Days: 8, 18, 23
Challenging Days: 10, 30

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Aquarius December Horoscope 
The December 3 full moon urges you to turn inward. You’ve had some rocky moments with friends at the beginning of the month, and a reset is very much in order. If you do go out, make sure to have some sort of emotional buffer and don’t get pulled into conflict if you can help it. The new moon on the seventeenth adds a lot of excitement to your life, but also may make you feel overwhelmed. Lists and calendars win the week. Also, make sure to check in emotionally with yourself. Just because you can burn the candle at both ends doesn’t mean you should. Picking and choosing can be the smartest strategy. On December 22, when Mercury goes direct, you have the initiative to cross some things off your list — get things done and you’ll be glad you did. On December 27, when the moon joins Uranus, the planets urge you to have fun. Be spontaneous at the end of the year—a short getaway may be exactly what you need.
Standout Days: 8, 16, 31
Challenging Days: 1, 12 

Pisces December Horoscope
The beginning of the week is a work/life balance nightmare, with fires coming up from work where you least expect them. Be prepared, be honest, and try not to let them ruin your entire mood. You may have to step out of a few social events, but know that getting on top of things now will mean a smoother end of the month—which is when it really counts. The December 3 full super moon affects your emotions, as the moon always does. Go with the flow, but also do a few reality checks. Don’t let emotions get the most of you. The new moon of the seventeenth appeals to your compassionate side and you can find yourself in a position to really make a difference. The more you connect to your community, the more you connect with yourself. And when the moon conjoins Neptune on December 24, you may be in for a holiday surprise that will gift your heart. In other words, it’s love time. Partnered? Not making promises, but this is the type of alignment that sees engagement rings.
Standout Days: 1, 14, 28
Challenging Days: 3, 16

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