Will the stars answer your prayers?

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On November 10, 2014

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Will the stars answer your prayers?

One of the major benefits of using astrology in everyday life is to link your frenetic, modern lifestyle to natural and universal rhythms. Instead of constantly fighting upstream by not paying attention to when you schedule important events like weddings, sign a contract, or file legal papers, you can use astrology to go with the flow and achieve your dreams with the path of least resistance. Linking astrology to prayer is one way to push that connection deeper, past the psychological and into the spiritual realm.

It is no coincidence that the planets share the name of Roman deities whose names were once and still are lifted up in prayer. Each planet or celestial body comes with its own personality that is associated with a god or goddess.

There are many ways to think about these deities. You can think of them as very real gods and goddesses who are deserving of your prayers. You can think of them as aspects of one deity or higher power that can receive individual praise. You can even think of them as a psychological tool, as Jungian archetypes that represent different sides of yourself that should be recognized and enhanced through personal prayer and meditation.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto are all Roman gods. In addition, the Sun corresponds to Apollo. Venus is a Roman goddess. The Moon is also a goddess named Diana and the Earth is a goddess named Gaia. Since we live on the Earth, prayers to Gaia are always appropriate.

Once you’ve decided how to think about each planet, there are several ways that you can time your prayers to each celestial entity. If you are already familiar with astrological aspects, you can glance at an ephemeris to decide which planet is center stage that day for you. Or, you could start by associating deities with days of the week. Sunday is Apollo, Monday is Diana, Tuesday is Mars, Wednesday is Mercury, Thursday is Jupiter, Friday is Venus, and Saturday is Saturn.

Another good way is to pay attention to planetary hours when choosing a time to pray. The first planetary hour is the same as the time the Sun rises. So, sunrise on Monday is Diana’s hour. The hours then always proceed from Diana in the following order: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Apollo, Venus, and Mercury. The pattern resets at sunrise each day. This is a good way to get started today if you don’t want to wait until the right day of the week to pray to your preferred deity. Just wait for the best planetary hour.

How should you address each deity? If you’re already familiar with what the planets mean, you can select them specifically to address your needs. For help with your love life, pray to Venus during her hour, for example.

Some recommended beautiful prayers to each planet are the Orphic Hymns, ancient Greek words translated by Thomas Taylor in 1792. The Orphic Hymn to Venus reads, in part: “Beautiful Goddess of marriage, mother of love, lover of the banquet, source of persuasion who grants secret favors… Come, divine union, for you I call with holy, reverent mind.”

Using Orphic Hymns or your own heartfelt prayers to the celestial deities above not only adds a bit of poetry and mythical magic to a special hour of your day, but also allows you to unite astrology with your inner spirit.

If you link the cycles of your worship with the dance of the stars above, the benefits will be easier to express and obtain. As the quote from Hermes Trismegistus says, which often resonates with astrologers and spiritual teachers: “As above, so below.” As the Universe, so also the soul.

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