Why Are Leos so Selfish? An Astrologer Answers All Your Burning Leo Questions

By Stephanie N. Campos

On August 14, 2020

In Astrology, Leo

Why Are Leos so Selfish? An Astrologer Answers All Your Burning Leo Questions

If you grew up with, dated, or lived with a Leo, you’ve likely had unparalleled first-hand experience when it comes to the nonstop theatrics involved in this sign’s everyday affairs. That may also lead to questions such as…

Why do their voices get louder when they’re telling a story about themselves? Why can’t they pass any reflective surface without taking a quick glance? Why do they have the best hair?

So, we’ve answered up some of the most burning questions about the zodiac’s ultimate drama queen in hopes of shedding a little light on the lions and lionesses in your life.

Why are Leos so . . . dramatic?

Leo rules the fifth house of the zodiac wheel. In astrology, the fifth house rules: romance, passion, play, theater, drama, and children. Leos never really shake a child-like mentality, which can cause them to give into child-like temper-tantrums from time to time, too. They’re positive (my co-worker once told me I’m so positive it made her nauseous), and almost always seek out play over practicality. Drama and theater go hand-in-hand with these lions and it’s easy to see what fuels their fire.

Why are Leos so . . . arrogant?

Let’s get one thing straight: The earth revolves around the sun. In the zodiac, Leo’s ruling planet is the sun. If we’re trying to understand why Leos have the urgency to focus on themselves and their matters, let’s just say this certainly doesn’t help. People may say “the world doesn’t revolve around you,” but in Leo land, it literally does. It’s no wonder they’re a zodiac breed that comes off as self-important.

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Why are Leos so . . .  selfish?

This is a catch 22—sure, Leos would rather tell you a story about themselves than listen to what you’ve been up to this summer. That’s self-ish. The limelight is their kryptonite. They love talking, thinking, and exploring the very depths of their selves. If they have a chance to win over the crowd’s attention and hold it—they’re going to take it. But on the other hand, they have giant hearts. They feel deeply and passionately, and will be one of the first signs in the zodiac to give someone a sweatshirt off their back or stay up all night with a friend who just got dumped.

Why are Leos so . . . sensitive?


At first glance you might be thinking, “Umm what?” Many assume Leos display unshakeable confidence. Wrong. These lions oftentimes use confidence as a shield to hide their insecurities—they’re seeking approval constantly. And, guess what? When they don’t get it, their world comes crashing down. Because of their “me-centric” mentality, Leos tend to take things personally. They’re also known as having one of the biggest hearts in the zodiac, which gives them more real estate to feel heartbreak.

Why are Leos so . . .  stubborn?

If you’ve ever tried to get a Leo to change his or her mind, likely . . . you’ve failed. Leos are one of the most stubborn signs and it all goes back to their self-centered ethos. They truly and simply believe that their method, thought process, or plan of action is plain and simple: the best. There’s no way around it—they’ve dreamt it up, and know exactly how to execute it. They’re natural-born leaders, and thrive in managerial roles, which doesn’t help their stubborn streak. In the zodiac there are four different modalities, and Leo’s is fixed. They’re not one for adaptability—change makes them sweat.

Why are Leos so . . .  beautiful?

While some of their confidence is masking deep insecurities, there is something to be said about a person who can charm and command the attention of an entire room. Leos are outgoing by nature and ooze self-confidence and a devil-may-care attitude. They’re also incredibly decisive—known what they want and what they deserve. Two very attractive qualities. (There’s almost nothing worse than when bae says he or she “doesn’t know” what they want for dinner, right?) Not a problem with our lions. And the most obvious fact: They have their manes. Many Leos often display a physical characteristic of long, luscious beautiful hair.

Why are Leos so . . .  jealous?

If you’re not paying all of your attention to your Leo mate or best friend, then who are you giving your attention to?? Lions have an undying need to be the center of attention, and if they feel that’s threatened, jealousy will crop up. Okay, “crop up” is an understatement—these drama queens will roar from the tippy top of Pride Rock. They truly do have fragile egos at the end of the day and need a constant stream of compliments from bae.

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