What Your Sign Can’t Live Without

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On March 7, 2017

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What Your Sign Can’t Live Without

Worried you can’t get everything you want? Well, you might have to do without a few things, but here’s what your sign absolutely can’t live without…



Your Mars ruler is so active that if you’re around passive people, or just fall into a lazy slump, you can get angry or depressed. Keep energy high by incorporating fitness into everyday life.



Your sign loves all things sensual, from soft fabrics, rich food and sumptuous homes. But getting too caught up in your own comfort level may mean you miss out on some adventures.



If you’re a Gemini , you know you need to keep the calls, texts and conversations coming. Your sign is so focused on the exchange of ideas, you may not even care of you disagree.



Just like the Crab’s signature shell, you need a safe space to hide out in when things get too crazy out in the world. This oasis may be unique, but it must feel like a home.



Even if you’re one of the more “in the background” Leos, your sign needs attention to thrive, from good marks in school, encouragement from mentors and even applause for a job well done.



Though some say Virgo is obsessed with organization, it’s really the control under that that makes your sign tick. From having a clean home to an ordered workspace, you need everything in its place.



Your never-ending quest is to make sure all the balls you have in the air never hit the ground, and your innate grace makes even trying to find balance rewarding.



Scorpio natives aren’t necessarily trying to hide things. They just don’t like revealing everything at once. Privacy is important in all things, but especially romance.



For Sag natives, having a sense of freedom isn’t negotiable. If they don’t have it, chances are you’ll find them running for the hills, or hitting the road on another adventure.



For Capricorns, rules aren’t boring or constraining. They’re how they know where the boundaries are. Living without them isn’t possible for this sign.



Your sign is so brainy, you may not even realize how much you need to keep feeding your mind. This makes you happier and smart – win-win!



For Pisces, there’s so much love in the world that it actually hurts a little bit sometimes. Your connection with creativity, the Divine and romance helps you be such a giving person.

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