Weekly Horoscope: January 4 – 10, 2021

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On January 3, 2021

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Weekly Horoscope: January 4 – 10, 2021

It’s the first full week of 2021, and we’re starting the year with tons of planetary movement! We kick things off on Wednesday when Mars (planet of action) finally leaves Aries after spending six months in the bold fire sign.

However, Mars leavesits ruling sign for the sign of the Bull, which means that for the next six weeks we may feel stuck in slow-moving Taurus. While we mightfeel more determined and ready to play the long game, watch out for feelings of possessivenessand jealousy—especially when it comes to relationships.

On Friday, we hit a double whammy of energy when Mercury (planet of communication) enters Aquarius and Venus (planet of love) enters Capricorn. This creates an interesting but conflicting energy. Communication will be spontaneous and zany, but our partnerships and view of money will be very serious and reserved. However, this is a great time for networking and making connections that will help with ambitions and career goals. Get hustling!

How the Planets Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign


On Wednesday, Mars moves into your sector of value—making you feel a bit more interested in your finances. Mercury moves into your sector of relationships. It’s time to put more effort into the things you want using the power of your connections.

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You’re getting a lift in your motivation, Taurus. Mars moves into your sign in thenext six weeks. On Friday, when Mercury squares Mars, your career needs some attention.You could see some issues.

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Mercury and Pluto conjoin, which brings transformation in your relationships, Gemini. You may reveal something you’ve been hiding for a while. As Mercury squares Mars on Friday, tension arises. Over the weekend, use that tension as an excuse to run away for the weekend.

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Mars enters Taurus in your social sector—making you want to reconnect with old friends. Mercury moves into your intimacy sector. Try to form as many relationships as possible during this time—it’s likely they’ll be long-lasting, Cancer!

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Mars is entering your career sector, Leo! It’s full steam ahead in your job right now. Don’t back down from any challenge. Additionally, Mercury enters your relationship sector. There’s a lot happening during this time. You may even get a text from an ex!

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Mercury connects with Pluto in your pleasure zone, Virgo. That’s right! You’ll find totally new ways to express yourself. Mercury squares Mars on Friday in your routine sector. Shake-ups and mishaps are likely tohappen—whether you instigate them or not!

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Mars is moving into your zones of intimacy, Libra. Over the next six weeks, transformation in your relationships is bound to happen.Venus is moving into your family zone this week, too. That brings an extra step up for all your romantic partnerships!

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Scorpio, the New Year is bringing some major opportunities for love. You can thank Mars, which is entering Taurus in your partnership zone on Tuesday. Over the next six weeks, it’s time to get physical and make commitments. Just watch out for Friday, when drama arises thanks to Mercury and Mars clashing.

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This week, Sagittarius, Mars enters your sector of routine. You’re in liminal space no more as this planet asks you to get things back on track. It also helps that Mercury is inyour sector of communication—meaning that you’re able to ask for anything and everything you want!

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You’re in your season, Capricorn. That means you’re feeling more “in tune” with yourselfthan ever. Mercury and Pluto connect this week in your sign, so you’ll have no problem telling it like it is. Mercury leaves your sign on Friday, which asks you to stop giving attention on yourself and asks you to look at your finances.

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Mars moves into your family zone this week, Aquarius. Itmight be time to start a home, start a family, or turn your attention to loved ones. Friday sees Mercury enteringyour sign, which helps you tell others what you need. Over the weekend, self-care is needed.

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Dear Pisces, isn’t it time you actually tell others what you want out of life? Mars enters Taurus in your communication sector—giving you the extra strength to really tell people what you want. Over the weekend, some healing mightbe needed.

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